a little #capriannsalmon update

this little miss has flourished & bloomed a lot since i've last updated .. i swear i updated monthly on gav & well .. oops haha kind of dropped the ball on pri as far as a month-to-month basis goes #secondchildproblems right?! 

anyways i have been jotting down some things here & there that she's been saying + doing that i just don't ever want to forget! 

things she does: 

eats tomatoes like apples (despite her face in the photo above, she really does love them)
prefers to be naked over being dressed
eats all . day . long. like all day long
loves hip hop/rap music (just like her momma 😏)
goes to sleep with a thousand stuffed animals & books (pictured above) .. i think she might be a little bookworm & i'm thrilled about it!
she loves to dance .. which also makes me super happy! 
pri follows gav around like a little puppy - they drive each other crazy but also love each other like crazy as well & i love those moments where they laugh uncontrollably & run around like crazy people together.

she's an emotional wreck 99.9% of the time & usually yells at you if she's mad at you .. 
whenever she's really upset & you're trying to talk her down over her screaming, she realizes she can't hear what you said & says "WHATT?? WHAT YOU SAID?" in the sweetest most confused voice ever haha 
she packs all of her bags, purses, backpacks, grocery carts, strollers & anything else she's got full of toys & food & totes them around the house.
she has been known to give her animals "baths" in our half-bathroom sink ..  

she sneaks food into her crib .. once i went in to check on her & she was licking her fingers clean after finishing off a HUGE chocolate chip cookie haha
things she's said
there was some padding that fell out of my swimsuit & she found it on the ground in my room, picked it up & said "you boobs broke!" haha i died
she's not shy to tell you when she's upset & will usually do so with a simple "i'm mad" as she stomps up the stairs 
the other day she was SO mad at me & was "talking" on a pretend cellphone telling whomever she was talking to (she wouldn't tell me) alllll about it. "i sho mad at mom. ya her is so mean." haha i'm in so much trouble.
i went to pick capri up from school the other day & her teacher told me how much she loves pri b/c she's so sassy .. i looked down at pri and asked her if she was sassy. with the widest eyes she looked right back up at me & said "no .. i nice!" 
this girl is the perfect amount of sassy & sweet & we honestly couldn't imagine life without her! 
how we love you miss capri

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