a book review : a thousand splendid suns

this book. thiss book 😭!!

i don't even know where to begin. i anticipated & expected a sad, humbling story when i opened this one up - i just didn't anticipate truly how much this book would make me feel. 

this is a story of two women from different upbringings, different ages, with different stories .. but their stories combine when they cross paths after miriam & her husband rasheed save laila from rubble that was once her home. 
at first these women fight with one another, only to realize they are more alike than they think .. 

living in an abusive home under the roof of a man who they both call their husband, miriam and laila fight & plot & fight some more against what they knew their future would hold if things kept going the way they were. 

there are definite plot twists that make your heart break, sing, and skip a beat. i have never been more emotional after reading a book & the thing that really gets me is that this story, while being fabricated, is not far off from the reality that afghan women and children lived & are still living. 

definitely recommend but be warned - you will need a box of tissues & some emotional support throughout this book. 

squeezing my babies & husband a little tighter tonight .. so grateful & blessed to live in a free country where opportunity is endless. 

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