i just have to write a special little note about this sweet boy. 
gavin has grown up a lot in the past few months. he's always been such a polite, kind-hearted boy but this weekend sparked something special in my mind & i just wanted to document it.

gavin has been working hard around the house as well as helping others to earn a little bit of money here and there to save up for a toy. he prizes his money (as any normal human would, haha) and knows that it's a valuable thing. 
on sunday i told gavin we needed to count how much money he earned to see how much tithing he owed. alec sat down with gav to talk to him about tithing, why we pay it, where it is used, and why it is important. when gavin saw he had to give a while 80 cents, he was a little distraught. he did not want to give up that much money and kind of sat there in silence for a moment. 
we explained to gavin we weren't going to make him pay his tithing & that he had the choice to pay it or not. he told us he wasn't ready to pay it, so we set it aside and moved on. 

about an hour later, as we were running out the door to church, gavin looked at me with his bag of tithing in his hand & said "okay mom. i'm ready to pay my tithing now."
my heart swelled you guys - he came to that decision all on his own without any pressure from us! 
i helped him fill out his tithing slip & turned it into a bishopric member. 

after he turned it in he looked at me & said, "that was hard mom. but paying my tithing is more important than buying a toy.". his sweet yet simple act of faith truly moved me & it made me want to become a better person. 

i love this little boy with everything i am. he truly is such a special person, i am so lucky to call him mine. 

you make me so proud mr. gav - every dang day. 


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