anniversary getaway | no. 8

yummy dinner at ruth's chris

breakfast with a view 🙌

8 years. 

it's crazy to say/hear out loud. 

8 years ago i made the biggest decision ever & married the man of my dreams. 
it's been a crazy ride, full of up's & down's .. but it's been the best ever with alec by my side. 

i'd be telling a great, big, F A T lie if i said our marriage has been nothing but amazing - 
for the most part, yes, it has been. but man have we had our ugly days. this past year (#7) has brought a lot of growth to our marriage .. we've walked down some paths together that were't easy, but they were necessary. 
it wasn't fun all most of the time, but it was worth it. 

2 babies (3 miscarriages), 1 apartment, 1 house, 1.5 degrees, a few certifications, 8 jobs (between the both of us), 4 cars, and a whole lot of late night taco bell, mcdonald's & carl's junior runs later & here we are! 

we've learned SO much this past year .. we've both changed a lot too. we had fun reminiscing about the past, who we use to be & then comparing our old selves to us now. it's crazy how much change can happen in a few years .. let alone a lifetime! 

for this year's anniversary getaway we holed up in the cutest cabin in midway for a night after eating the best damn steak i've ever had (sorry for the cuss word but ya know, sometimes it's just necessary) at ruth's chris. i also must add in, if you ever go there .. get the lobster mac & cheese. it was absolutely heavenly. oh, & the creme brulee. 
we stayed up late talking & enjoyed being kid-free (we love you gav & pri ..) and woke up at like 9:30 (which never happens for both of us simultaneously), ate some egg-white burrito's juevos rancheros style & just had a super chill morning. 

after we packed up & left we hit the movie theater (which also happens only once in a blue moon) to see the new mission impossible (LOVED IT). 

it was such a fun couple of days together & so, so needed! 

can't wait to see where the rest of forever takes us al - 
but i'd say we're off to a pretty good start!

love you forever babe!


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