week 20 (ish) | train insane

i am about halfway through my third session of train insane & i still love it you guys!! 
it's really addicting - there really isn't any other way to describe it haha 
the intensity, the sweat, the environment .. i can't quit it! 

as far as my journey is going i feel like i'm getting a grasp on eating a little more intuitively. i'm still counting calories for the most part & i've started cutting a little bit of my calories because i'm done with my "bulking phase" of training .. now i just want to tone more! 
 i have also been a little more easy on myself when i have those days where i want to eat a cookie & an actual sandwich ha. honestly i'm all about listening to my cravings. i don't go ham & binge but i let myself have what i want within reason. 
one cookie isn't going to kill me & it's not going to make that big of a difference in my progress. yes consistency is key in success to reaching any type of goal, fitness or not, BUT i also believe in living a little & for heaven's sake if you want a cookie eat a damn cookie ya know?! 

i've also been trying to focus a lot on my recovery. i've had to listen to my body extra this session for a variety of reasons but i always feel it when i don't take my supplements & the time to recover & rest. rest is so important. we can push our bodies to the max but they'll eventually fail us if we don't give them the nutrition & pampering they need to keep up intense workouts & such. 
so recovery has been huge for me - listening to my body & doing what is best for me rather than what i "should" be doing .. if that makes any sense.

i can ALMOST do a pull-up on my own which has been a goal for me! i want to be able to do one stinking pull up unassisted haha i'm getting there .. just takes time. but i can notice improvements & can see that i am getting closer. 

i have also noticed that i've become a lot stronger in other areas as well & it's so fun to be able to do things i felt were so far out of reach! i mean i've been doing train insane for 5-6 months now & so it's definitely taken time, consistency & hard freaking work but i'm doing it!! the results are finally starting to show - 

there are obviously still areas of my body, fitness & overall health that i'm still wanting to improve on BUT i've been really trying to focus on the journey & enjoying it rather than rushing to the end result. i mean let's be honest .. an "end result" probably won't ever happen because better has no limit right? & knowing myself i am pretty confident in saying that i'll always be wanting more haha sad but true. but, again, i'm learning to enjoy every stage of this journey to get where i think i want to be .. until i want to be somewhere else haha 

i'm super stoked about achieving some pretty big goals i've set for myself & it's been quite the year so far embarking on these goal-achieving journeys .. i can't wait to re-evaluate in the coming months! 


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