protein bowls 'n things

it's been a while since i've posted about any recipes or food i've made! 
life got a little crazy there for a minute. 

pictures #1 & #5 have been a breakfast bowl of sorts on repeat. 
egg whites (9 tbsp)
turkey (2 oz)
any veggies (usually bell peppers & tomato)
a pinch of cheese
salt & pepper

yummy, healthy & protein packed! 

#2 is a bbq chicken wrap i kind of threw together. 
1 protein wrap
2 oz of shredded chicken cooked in bbq sauce (i use stubbs)
1 laughing cow cheese wedge (swiss cheese)

#3 is my reminder to put in a plug for BCAA's! guys - they make all of the difference in recovery & i really do feel so much better the day after a hard workout when i drink them! the raspberry lemonade flavor from ideal fit is my favorite. i usually use half of a scoop in a large amount of water because i don't like it as sweet .. just play around with the amount you put into your water to find your happy place!

#4 a salad i've ordered on repeat the last little while. cubby's tri-tip steak salad .. SO delicious!! 

that's pretty much all for now! i'll pick up the slack in my recipe posting .. i just need to get a few under my belt to post about haha my sweet husband has been doing a lot of the cooking due to my school & work schedule being insane. 

so stay tuned .. promise i haven't abandoned the recipe box 


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