getting over the fear of failing + kiava clothing

there have been countless times in my life where i decided to look the other way versus jumping in with both feet despite the outcome. 

looking back i really wish i had the guts to just jump in. 
how many missed opportunities did i have?! how many chances did i get to improve myself that i just blew past!? 

ugh it frustrates me SO MUCH to think about that .. so part of my new years resolutions this year is to get over my fear of failing!

of course no one likes to feel like they're going to fail or become embarrassed. but here's the thing - usually nobody cares. ESPECIALLY when it comes to fitness. 

i was scared to death to put myself out there in a class when i first started working out. my form was terrible & i'd honestly never lifted an actual weight (minus my 2-5 pound dumbbells in high school ha). embarrassed would be an understatement on how i felt. but my instructors were amazing, my moral support was even more amazing & most importantly i knew that i could do it if i kept at it. 

giving up was NOT an option this time. i wasn't going to let myself come up with excuses or reasons of why i can't & just focused on the reasons why i can & should! 

the mental game is just as big as the physical game in exercise you guys - it really is. 

anyways, moving on to a completely different note, but just as important (i personally think) is workout clothing!! you guys haha i have a problem .. 

but honestly when you workout every day you want to have a good variety to choose from as well as clothing you can rely on to hold up throughout all of the wash & wear. 
insert kiava clothing. 
i finally caved & tried out their striped capri and you guys!!! i was SO impressed with it! my hesitation was the horizontal stripes. i feel like all of my life i have had it in my head that horizontal stripes make you look wider. this is definitely not the case with these leggings! they are seamless so it's one continuous stripe, making your stems look quite skinny! 
& then let's please talk about the fabric. it is SO soft & buttery. like i really didn't want to take them off. AND they are high-waisted which are kind of a must-have for me. 
my mom-pooch might just live forever, which is fine, but i enjoy wearing clothes that kind of hold me in & hug me in all of the right places while staying put. i HATE having to adjust & pull my pants up throughout my entire workouts! 

& isn't that beautiful blue color just perfect for spring?! 

then there's the whole bra subject .. don't get all awkward on me people .. it just has to be talked about. 
two words: nursing boobs. 
it's a thing. well .. they are a thing. very flat, deflated, ever-changing things. i have changed brands & tried SO many types sports bras out there & i can honestly say i really, really love the kiava braided bra. one, it's beautiful! i love the braided detail, it makes me still feel a little dainty when i'm sporting the sweaty crotch look (jusssttt being honest 😁😅). 
two, i loved the amount of support i had. those poor saggy little boobs of mine were held up & in the entire workout! there really IS something about having those ladies supported right during HIIT workouts, makes it a little more doable when my goods aren't bouncing & popping out all over the place haha. 

i'm sorry i'm kind of a graphic person but you know, the filter left when i became a nurse. a boob is a boob is a boob, ya know?! 

anyways what i'm trying to get at is if you are in the market for new workout clothing hit up kava clothing! you'll love all of the things - AND they last forever! i've had one of their bras for like 6 years & it is still in great condition!! 

happy happy monday everyone!! 


this post was written in collaboration with kiava clothing
all opinions in this post are my very own, true & honest opinions. 

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