i can't believe how big my baby boy is getting! 
he's turning 6 in a few months & i seriously can't stand it - time needs to slow down! 

mr gav is a very sweet little guy with very sensitive feelings BUT can also dish it back when he wants to. he's the best big brother, biggest help around the house & idolizes his dad. 
i'm so proud of gavin for overcoming some anxiety issues this year (who knew they started so young?!) with school. he's very scared of failure & gets really frustrated when he feels like he's not going to do well or not doing well. as his mom it's been heartbreaking to see him struggle with these feelings, but i really want to acknowledge them & let him know it's okay to feel scared & unsure .. but that we also need to try & try our hardest so that we can do well! 
it's been a work in progress but i think we're making baby-steps in the right direction. he's ocd like alec & myself so poor boy just sees our high standards & holds himself to the same ones. which is good - but it's also good for him to know that if he doesn't get 100% all of the time, it's okay! as long as we do our best. 

gav has been rocking it in school this year & is excited to start 1st grade in a new school with some neighborhood friends! i think he'll love it & will hopefully thrive where we place him. we debated long & hard about keeping him in kindergarten another year but decided to move him on up to see how it goes. gav is small but he would be small in either grade so holding him back "for sports" didn't seem like a good enough reason. academically he is very bright & i feel like he needs to move forward. so we will see! 

gavin has also been thriving in soccer lately! he's really catching on to being a team player & really loving his dad as a coach! it's been fun seeing alec help him grow & develop as well as all of the sweet little boys on the team. gavin as such a passion for soccer, it'll be fun to watch him as he gets older & more competitive. 

gav says some pretty great things lately & i've written a few of them down cause yes, they were that good :

i was talking to gavin about how we need to limit our screen time & he said "mom! it's kind of like a workout for kids but on tv!" (talking about the xbox kinect)

he calls the movie rio "cafe rio"

we were talking about where to get some dinner one night & gav piped in saying "i like that panda place cause they have papers in their crackers!" 

he calls capri "girl" all of the time & it's the sweetest.

some funny things he's done lately include :

coming home soaking wet from a friends house. turns out they were getting dared to put their heads into the toilet & gav went for it 100% haha i was like umm .. ya .. go shower now haha 

he does burpee's & they are the most spastastic things i've ever seen but i love it! 

he does this hip thrust move when he dances that kills me! i'll have to get it on video one of these days haha 

i can't handle that he's going to be in actual grade school in august .. or that he's going to be 6 OR that he pretty much has a girlfriend (mary)! 
my little boy is SO grown up!!! ahh such bitter-sweet emotions. 

i sure do love my giant ball of sunshine!!

love you mr. gavin john!! with all my heart!


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