a book review : all the light we cannot see

it's been a while since i've read a book based on an actual historical event (WWII, in this case) & it was actually really enjoyable. 
i don't really know why but i'm not usually super drawn to this genre of book but i'm really glad i read it! i think another door has opened & i'm excited to see where it takes me in the reading world!

we are introduced to marie-laure & her father in paris & two orphans (werner & jutta) in germany during the time of WWII. 
we learn about a maybe true, maybe false gem that may or may not have an influence on some or all of these individuals. 

it's a humbling experience to read about marie-laure because of a physical obstacle she has to hurtle, it's eye-opening to read about werner & the mental + physical tests he goes through .. & maybe starts to see that he can do what he believes in.
the other characters in this story also bring some lessons & characteristics, some i admire & some that i didn't. 

i walked away from this book a little sad but also happy .. so many mixed feelings. it was just one of those deep books that are a little bit heavy but also brings a new gained understanding & appreciation for those who lived through WWII.

definitely one you need to read if you haven't!



  1. I LOVED this book! It was so eye opening to consider what WWII looked like from the side of the German citizen sucked into the fray. I wished so badly for a happier ending, but ultimately loved how deeply contemplative the book left me. Have you read "The Nightingale"? I read them both around the same time and loved them both.

    1. it really was SO eye opening! i loved it! and the nightingale is on my list!! i have heard nothing but amazing things about it - i'm excited to read it!!