fitness friday | week 8 train insane

dirty mirror + mismatched socks haha bless my heart guys ... 

week 8 is complete! I DID IT!! 

these past 8 weeks have been SO crazy fun & exhausting! 

i have learned a lot about myself .. like how i CAN do hard things - not to ever cheat myself of any chance to improve & to give my all every single time.

i also made some amazing friends & was surrounded by some pretty great ladies. honestly they don't come much better. it's so fun to cheer each other on & to high five each other when you accomplish that one minute of circuit training! 

i'm really excited to start this new adventure the next 8 weeks - i decided to do the 5 days a week instead of the 3 i've been doing! 
i'm probably crazy for doing that but it's so addicting & i really do love it that much!!

i promise i will not be posting nearly as many "progress photos" but i'll definitely be checkin in! i just wanted to stay consistent with the 8 weeks to see my progress! 

i've also noticed a huge difference with my results by how i'm eating! the more calories & higher protein has been amazing & has really upped my energy level! 
never eating less than 1600 calories again haha - 
some days i really feel it because i work the night before & sleep most of the day so the amount of time i have to pack in that much food is small & it's really hard for me to eat a ton at once. so i'm really going to focus on eating really well on "those days" to get all of the nutrients i need consistently. 

thanks for sticking with me these past 8 weeks haha i know it probably got annoying to read about but like i said, i wanted a place to document this journey & my progress (especially because i wasn't using a scale). 

i hope you all have a fantastic friday & weekend!! 


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