fitness friday | week 7 train insane

yes the mirror is still dirty & nope, i hadn't made my bed yet that day. haha #oops. i swear i'm not that bad at cleaning ... haha

i can't believe we only have 1 week left of this 8 week program! 
i'm definitely signing up again & am super stoked about it .. i think i'm doing the 5 days a week instead of just 3 though. 

so week 7 had an interesting twist because my instructor was sick on monday - so i went to the gym on my own & attempted to do a workout that would equal a train insane workout. well i was also getting sick & it really hit me while i was at the gym. so i didn't get in a super killer workout BUT i did workout so i guess that counts for something. 
the illness really hit me after the gym & lasted a couple of days. my eating was thrown for a loop as well. 
week 7 was just a little bit rough as far as starting out went - but we finished & it was a good one. 

i have still been noticing a positive difference with me eating more calories a day & really focusing on getting in all of my protein. it's actually crazy in how much of a difference it makes with how i feel & how i preform. 
good food = good fuel people. plain & simple!

i'm excited for the next round! it's been super fun to see how much stronger i am getting - i can actually lift a little more than i had been in the beginning & i've noticed my stamina is a little better as well! it's fun to see my body taking on these challenges!! 

happy friday folks!! i hope it's a great weekend for you all! 

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