a book review : the great alone

so i really liked this book! 
it wasn't what i was expecting at all - which was a nice breath of fresh air! 

the allbright's are a family of three trying to outrun the toxic effects of the vietnam war. when ernt, the father/husband of the allbright's, served in the war he was gifted some land and a small cabin to call his own in alaska by a fellow soldier who unfortunately did not make it back from the war. they decided they didn't have much to lose, packed up their life and went to alaska. 
the allbright's knew they were moving into a rugged place, but had no idea exactly what and how they needed to survive the long winter months right around the corner. 
with the help of their small community they were able to learn how to live off of the land - 
along with the community learning that this small family didn't know much about alaska, they also learned some of the secrets they were hiding behind the walls of their cabin. 

this story is romantic, thrilling, scary, stressful & addicting all in one breath. seriously if you need a good page turner, look no further! 


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