spring - is that you?

apparently we don't own an iron around these parts - gav's pants are the worst haha #oops. at least we were dressed AND at church. you can't ask too much of us these days.

this winter is totally freaking me out! we've had it snow twice in the valley & it's been like 40+ degrees most of the time! wtf is going on?? 
i mean i can't complain because i'm really not your average winter-lover. yes, the snow is magical for christmas & it's fun to be able to go sledding, skiing & make giant snowmen .. BUT i'm not a fan of the dark, gloomy, cold, dead, coldness that winter brings. & the crappy air quality .. that part sucks too. 

but here we are just barley stepping into february (well i guess we're like halfway in now .. ) & i'm already craving spring! 
#sos it's gonna be a long 6 extra weeks of winter (stupid groundhog). 

meanwhile i've decided to start tackling our spring cleaning tasks a bit early. we procrastinated last year which meant that we held onto the boxes & boxes of crud we wanted to sale but didn't because well, we procrastinated. 

this year we will succeed at a yard sale!! i'm determined!! haha 

when we moved in i literally had capri 2 weeks later. we kind of just threw things together quickly to make ourselves "at home" but never really caught up to the organizing part. 
our pantry was the first thing to look like a bomb had exploded in so incidentally it was the first thing on my list of "to tackles". 

with the help of my sweet mother, we made the trek up to ikea (gav complained the entire way up that it was SOOO far away ..) & bought all of the pretty pantry organizing things. 
i have to say i'm pretty pleased with the outcome - i have another ikea trip in the near future because we need a few more containers BUT overall it looks 1,000,000 x's better. 
thanks mom. 

next up - the kids clothes & rooms! they both need bed upgrades & so we'll start there. then we have our basement, garage, our room (always seems to fall last ..) & bathroom. 

& while we're here i figured i'd jot down a few other updates. life keeps flying by. 

i'm starting school next month. it's officially official. tuition is paid, classes are registered. done, done & done. now to survive haha #sendalloftheprayers

gav is killing it in school & i really couldn't be more proud. his spelling tests pose a big obstacle for him every week but he does amazing. it's fun to point out to him that he can do hard things & that he does it every week! he's also entered into an attitude phase i'm trying to navigate. i feel like i yell at him all day long, which isn't fun for either one of us. he really is the sweetest .. just when he wants to be. oh & i MAJOR mom-failed because i forgot to sign gav up for futsal in time. yup i'm awesome. 

capri is doing dance & is still deciding if she likes it or not. i think she does - she's just intimidated with all of the frolicking girls who all want to mother her, since she's the tiniest one in the class they all try to "help" her. bless them & their sweet little motherly hearts. 
capri is also doing really well at learning her colors & she talks a lot. she also enjoys singing along to the soundtracks of sing, beauty & the beast & the greatest showman. 

al is working his tail off per usual. he's also been the best support to me the past few weeks. i've been on an emotional rollercoaster with work things & life things .. so he's always super sweet & brings me chocolate snacks, ice-water & heating pads while i lay on the couch like an anxious couch potato. i'm fine .. it's fine. just life happens sometimes ya know? 
love this man of mine! 

valentines day is coming right up!! can't even believe it. i usually try to be creative & make things for the kids to pass out but nope, not this year. #targetdoesitagain. we're joining forces with the cheesy princess & spiderman pre-made valograms & i'm not even mad about it. 
maybe next year i'll have it in me. 

really, really have the travel bug. but what's new. the reality of this year is al & i decided to save our monies for things like finishing our basement & paying off student loans & such. you know, adult things. we'll still (most likely) take our annual disneyland trip & maybe a couple of other small ones - a staycation perhaps. so for now i'll just privately envy you & all of your exotic travels haha .. but really. 

anyways that's pretty much all of the happenings in our parts. nothing too exciting but things worth documenting i guess. 

maybe next time i write something BIG may have happened .. 


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