winter happenings

there's this angel face ...

... and this face haha

holy cow people. january is FLYING by & i can't keep up! 

1 + 5. my girlfriend from SECOND GRADE (yes, we've been friends for forever) got married last week!! it seriously was the most beautiful day & she looked absolutely perfect! i died over her dress .. LOOK AT IT!!! 

2. my best gal & i were able to escape mommy hood for a moment to celebrate one of our coworkers turning the big 4-0! it was a night full of dancing & chilling with our friends. definitely a night to remember!

3. capri started her dance class (i think i've mentioned that before somewhere ..) & is still kind of trying to figure it out! with a good bribe she went through the whole class without her teacher picking her up with was a big win! she's still mustering up the courage (or the desire ha) to actually dance but hey - at least she's standing near the other girls & not crying haha. 

4. how i've felt being a momma these days haha it's been a crazy month with illness & just random things we've all had to work though together. BUT i feel like we've all gotten closer & have been able to grow together as a family. love these munchkins with all of my heart.

not pictured 

al & i were able to attend church together a couple of weeks ago for the first time in like forever! our stupid work schedules make it so hard to coordinate our weekends .. but this one fell into place & it was perfect! 
we also got to sneak in a date night recently - with the most awkward waiter too .. might i add. haha he squeezed my breadsticks. & no that's not code for anything .. he literally squeezed my actual breadsticks. so that was cool .. or really weird haha 

i'm currently in week 2 of my train insane workout program/group thing & it's been amazing!! seriously kicks my bootay but it's SO fun to go & work up a serious sweat! i've been taking pictures each week to hopefully track some progress .. fingers crossed i'll have all of the self control NOT to eat everything in sight all of the time haha 

capri is turning 2 at the end of this month! we've got a little birthday shindig to celebrate her a little early & i can't wait! 

having some major wanderlust. ugh get me outta utah!!!

work has been a little bit crazy lately. lots of heavy things mixed with a lot of change. i trust my manager & all of those i work with so i'm sure it'll all be fine .. BUT change has never been my forte. also MY BEST FRIEND WORKS WITH ME AGAIN!!! granted she's on day shift & i'm on nights .. but it's SO good to have her back!!! 

kind of fell into a book club .. it's been the best so far.

i'm starting school in march! equally excited & terrified. gotta get 'er DONE! please send all motivational & positive vibes my way for the next 6 months haha 

my baby brother is currently serving in guatemala & is doing so well!! words can't even describe how proud i am of him!! honestly it's freaking hard & he's crushing it!! can't wait to talk to him again in may!! 

well that pretty much sums up january. nothing too crazy but lots of things keeping us busy. hopefully i'll still be feeling alive & well when i check in next .. 
school miiggghhtttt be the death of me haha 


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