2018 goals

another year means creating another check-list that will drive the decisions i make & actions i take the next 365 days .. 

this year i have a few big goals in mind & then some smaller ones as well. 
sometimes i feel like i get so ambitious & forget the little things & that little things actually build upon each other to make big things happen. 

so .. 

in order to be accountable & look back on what was important to me this coming year, 
here are my hopes, wishes & goals for 2018 : 

+ finish freaking school. i've been saying this for years (#facepalm) & have yet to really commit. things seemed to keep coming up that i deemed more important than school. BUT its time. it's really, really time. 

+ keep working out!! finding a passion & place among all of the gym rats (no shame guys, no shame!! ha) has been one of the most fulfilling things i've done in 2017. i needed to find a place to sweat it all out, a place to call "my own", an environment that was uplifting & positive, a place where i worked my booty off (figuratively + literally), somewhere i felt very out of place & awkward but became comfortable in, a place i accomplished some BIG goals, a place that helped me find me again .. 

+ finances. we have some debt (school, car, etc) that i'd love to get rid of! it would be fantastic to be able to put that money toward other things like vacations, finishing our basement, or just saving it for a rainy day. 

+ take a spontaneous vacation. i just want to jump into our car or onto a plane one day & GO! probably won't happen cause we have jobs & things that we would probably like (& need) to keep ha BUT on a day off or something, it would be so fun to just drive or fly somewhere, enjoy 24 hours away & come home. 

+ be present. i think i've been doing better at this but it's still a work in progress. i have been trying to live in moments & not outside of them, capturing them. we all know i'm kind of a photo-taking fanatic haha which is both good & bad! i love being able to scroll through years of memories + pictures we've captured .. BUT sometimes the photos bring back the memory of me having my camera in hand versus enjoying what was going on around me. 
i'm sure this'll be a continuous decision that i'll have to weigh each day (sounds dramatic, but you know). but i have noticed a difference & it's been a positive one. 

+ to keep cooking. i LOVE to cook & bake! i really want to refine my skills & keep attempting to make new recipes & homemade meals. i love finding ways to pack nutrition & flavor into our food - well, except for dessert haha. our next home MUST have a double oven!! 

+ make a book list & finish it! i know with starting school i'll be reading lots of text books versus recreational books but i do want to make a small list of "to-reads" & to actually read them! i've done better this year & read a handful of books & even found a new favorite author! reading just makes me so happy & it's something i definitely want to continue to do. 
p.s. if you want to see what books i've read, go here

+ i want to go on dates with alec more! we honestly don't get out much .. it's hard with our schedules & we feel guilty asking for babysitters when we already use them during the week for when we work. BUT i think it's very important to keep dating your spouse. al & i have kind of put "us" on the back burner a few times .. not on purpose .. but just because a lot of things take precedence .. like our children, our jobs, etc. but it's gonna happen. we're going to make time because i freaking miss him - 

+ go to a concert. whether it be to my dream concert (ceilne dion) or to a smaller concert - i wanna go dance/sing my heart out like the 16 year old girl i feel like i am sometimes haha 

+ learn a song on the piano. yes, i play the piano. i swear it was the death of me growing up but yes mom, you were right, i'm grateful i know how & thank you (never thought i'd say that HA). i'm a little rusty but it'd be fun to find a song to learn & to master it! 

+ attend the temple more. read my scriptures more. pray more. 

+ post meaningful content. i think in previous years i made content just so i could post. i don't know why but i had the need to put things out into the internet universe to feel accepted & involved. probably a silly thing to do .. force things to happen just so i could talk/blog about them. so last year i decided to have a few themes, if you will, that i posted pretty consistently about. 1. food & recipes 2. fitness 3. updates on my children. i love reading recommendations from others as well as trying out their fabulous newly discovered creamy alfredo sauce recipe .. so i decided i could share things that i love too! i also appreciate the fitness talk. it's hard to find your own personal regime with food & exercise because everyone's body is different & responds differently to things that may or may not have worked for others. i'll be attempting to post both my successes & failures in my fitness posts. 
& i know you're all probably sick of the monthly updates of my kiddos - BUT i think they're the cutest kids ever so .. #sorrynotsorry haha 😜

+ do something nice anonymously for someone once a month - drop off a meal, do a fundraiser, leave a small treat on their doorstep .. just something. i've found a satisfaction & different type of happiness when i look outside of myself toward others who really need it. whether it be a small note or a big surprise dinner, i want to serve others often. 

well that's pretty much it in a nutshell. 3 big goals & a few smaller ones. 
hopefully these will drive me to keep developing into someone i can be proud of, someone my children & husband can be proud of. 

cheers to 2018 guys!!
it's gonna be great! 


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