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so it's been a hot minute since i've posted a "fitness" post.
between illness & a rolled ankle i've been really hit & miss - sad but true. 

while i've still been doing workouts & routines, i've decided to share a few people i LOVE to follow for their fitness routines, diet tips, & encouraging words! 

it's super easy to fall off the bandwagon & it gets hard to jump back on, especially after being off for a couple of weeks. BUT it's never too late & the sooner you start, the better & easier it will be. 

nobody is perfect when it comes to fitness. most people have "cheat days", miss workouts, or don't get an entire workout in .. but it's fine. it's okay. there is tomorrow to try again, to start fresh. right? 

i love following these ladies because yes, they are definitely #goals & i'd kill to have their bods .. but most importantly they address the reality of living a healthy lifestyle AND they give tools to use in order to live the best & healthy lifestyle possible .. even on our "off" weeks. 

so, w/o further adieu .. 

1. @train_insane_with_cass - cass is seriously FREAKING FIT haha i mean for reals. i love following cass for a few reasons: she posts killer workout ideas. if i miss classes, i always refer to her instagram account for a good 45 - 60 minute long sweat session. i also love how real she is. i feel like she's very relatable in her "story" & talks about what she does to keep herself in a place where she is still healthy & confident, but also so she can live a little too. also, if you're in the provo/orem area & haven't attended one of her classes yet, you're missing out!! 

2. @muncher_cruncher - megan is also a very inspiring person! she posts workouts every day you can do at home or at the gym as well as helpful tips & tricks in order to keep a healthy lifestyle. i love megan's positivity & admire her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle even if she's traveling (which she often does). she also holds a fit camp that you can sign up for either physically or from a distance! i think this is a great resource if you're wanting someone to push you & tell you what to do! 

3. @chasing_fitness35 - darise is bomb. i go to her classes often & seriously LUHVE her!! she's super helpful with instructing you with form & an awesome motivator when i'm starting to drag my feet during the workout. she's also a great resource & posts workouts frequently that you can do on your own. darise is very real & down to earth, she gets us women & that we have our bloated times, our "fat days", & our "i don't wanna do anything" days .. & to her it's all about today. now. doing your best in that moment. & guys, sometimes that's all we can do! our best in that very moment. 

4. goodfortheswole - becky is #momgoals you guys!! she's probably the cutest prego ever & is such a great, down to earth person! i've dm'd her personal questions & she's so nice to get back to me with useful information & tips! she's also a pre & postnatal specialist so guys, when it comes to working out with a bump she knows her stuff. i love following becky for a lot of the same reasons i follow the other ladies above, BUT add in the sweet pregnancy-friendly workouts she posts daily. they're so easy to save for when the day comes & it makes me wanna get off of my unpregnant buns & work it!! 

so that's it for now, as far as ladies i love to follow goes. there are TONS others that are great resources but these are my top 4. 

i also wanted to throw in a plug for the my fitness pal app. 
back in may when my bestie & i decided to start working out seriously .. she recommended this app to me & i love it!! 
it's such an easy way to track what i'm eating & to balance my diet a little better. 

when you first sign up you log in your current weight & your goal wight. the app then calculates the suggested amount of calories & macros you should be eating a day. good & bad because 1. weight isn't everything (HELLO we're building muscle here) & 2. some days i feel like i need more than others.
also, sometimes our goal weight isn't necessarily a healthy weight. i had to check myself & re-log a goal weight because guess what? i'm not 16 years old anymore .. i've had two babies & been through a lot with this body of mine the past 7 years or so. 
healthy is my goal. weight isn't necessarily .. 

i'm not 100% into counting calories & macros .. i mean yes, i do try to eat low calorie, low sugar, high protein foods more than not BUT sometimes i go over my suggested caloric intake for the day .. & i don't cry about it. 

so if you do decide to give this app a go, do it!! but remember it's all about how you feel & what you need. do everything the healthy way & don't get too extreme with dieting. your body needs fuel .. so give it fuel!!! just good fuel ya know? 

anyways, now i'm rambling. i just thought i'd share a few people who i consider amazing resources as well as the app that i use pretty much daily. 

if you have people you love to follow or apps to help track your health .. i'm alllll ears!! 

happy weekend guys!! 
p.s. 24 days until christmas!!!! but who's counting haha 

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