suicide squad + justice league

she came up with this pose all on her own 😂
gav's weapon of choice: sword capri's weapon of choice: lipgloss 
crazy eyes 

i hope you all had a great halloween filled with lots of trick-or-treating & yummy food + treats! 

we celebrated pretty much all day starting with gav's halloween party at school, went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood (best neighborhood ever) with my parents, brother & sis-in-law & our besties & ended up at my in-laws for hot soup & a little more trick-or-treating. 

even though i turned out to be more of a brunette harley quinn & capri didn't smile for one family picture (😑) we had such a good night! 

it was capri's first year being able to trick-or-treat & she loved it! she kept running up to all of the doors & knocked so enthusiastically .. it was the sweetest ever. she was even giving highfives & fist bumps to the neighbors, which is super rare, so i feel safe saying she had a lot of fun! 
& gav was running around like a crazy person while saying hello to all of his little friends! it's so much fun to watch him make so many friends .. honestly, that's one of the reasons we chose to live in this neighborhood .. all of the kiddos his age. 

but that's kind of random & another story for another time .. maybe .. or maybe not haha that just seemed like the right thing to say to change the subject HA! 

so back to halloween ...

it's just one of those holidays that i live for with kiddos haha it's alllll about them & it's so fun taking them around to show off their cute costumes & watch them select their beloved candy from the buckets. 

after a long night of running around, i'm ready to put my feet up, cuddle my husband, maybe sneak a few candy bars from the kiddos loot & keep binge-watching stranger things 


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