red sharks | fall soccer 2017

last weekend gav & his team the red sharks had their last soccer game of the fall season! 
most of these boys have been playing together since last season & it's been so fun to see them all grow & develop as a team as well as individually! 

it makes me so proud to see these boys conquer their own personal fears & feats by the end of the season! 

gav learned how to pass the ball more (thank heavens) & became more of a team player. don't get me wrong, it's fun watching him score goals (mostly for the huge smile he gets on his face after) BUT it made me so happy to see him assist others & to play with his team instead of next to his team haha if you get my drift. 

it was also a fun season because alec got to be gavin's coach! i love watching him interact with kids .. he just gets them & how to make them understand what they need to do. it was really great to see his relationship develop with the kiddos as well. 

i'm pretty sure this team will play in the spring together as well .. so in a few months we'll be back at it! until then we'll probably be playing lots of soccer in the basement as well as finding some futsal teams! 

i can't believe we've just closed another chapter of soccer .. but we're excited to see where the next one takes us!! 

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