fitness friday | a killer ab circuit

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ok guys! so this ab workout comes to you via one of my instructors (also named courtney) & it was amazing .. & SO HARD!! but it was killer & i wanted to jot it down to remember it as well as share it with some of you who are looking for a little ab exercise. 
this was done at the beginning of my hour long class, BUT you can do it on its own & get a nice burn. not only will your abs burn but your shoulders as well .. you're welcome 😏
all you'll need is an exercise ball! each move is 30 seconds long, after the circuit rest for 30 seconds & then repeat 2x so you do it a total of 3x. on the third time through, there is a power move that is done for 1 whole minute. 

+ get into a high plank (arms are straight) with your feet on the ball. alternate tapping feet on either side of the ball. remember to hold in your tummy! 
if the ball is too much you can easily take this to the floor! 
do this for 30 seconds 

+ keep the ball at your feet & pull the ball in toward your arms with your legs straight - this is a pike move. after you hit the top in a downward dog/pike position .. slowly go back down into your high plank position. remember to control your movements & squeeze all of your muscles to keep it controlled! again, hold in your stomach & use your abs to pull the ball in & out. 
if the ball isn't working out you can easily modify on the floor. get into a downward dog position touching your right hand to your left foot & then lower down into a plank position squeezing the entire time & keeping your butt UP. repeat with touching your left hand to your right foot & back down into that high plank. that's one rep. 
do this for 30 seconds

+ the ball should be at your feet. use your abs to pull the ball in toward your chest while bending your knees. so knees bent & into your chest & then back out again into that high plank position. 
if you wanna lose the ball, you can do mountain climbers on the floor
do this for 30 seconds
take a 30 second break & repeat 2 more times

on the third time after the last move, flip over onto your back & pass the ball back + forth between your hands & feet. keep your lower back on the floor & look forward. do this for one whole minute. 
yes, it sucks & it's hard but it hurts SO good!! 
let me know how you like it!! 
happy friday! 


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