where & what to eat

let's talk about eating out for a minute.
it kind of is a love/hate relationship for me right now .. for a few reasons. 

1] my kiddos like french fries & chicken nuggets & hamburgers & pasta & alfredo sauce (you following?) .. & i'm kind of trying to limit those things in my diet.

2] the convenient stuff is always the "bad" stuff. sometimes i don't have time to go wait in line in a restaurant or go to a sit-down restaurant. 

so, how can you stay more on the healthy side & where you can you eat to get said healthy food? 
lemme show you! 

here are some restaurants that i visit frequently as well as places my kids like to eat & what i get there.

aubergine & company - the almond chicken warm bowl is my favorite (with the tahini sauce on the side)

cubby's (i get the lemon chicken parmesan salad, dressing on the side)

180 tacos - the chicken cascabel salad is BOMB

chick-fil-a - grilled chicken cool wrap (i do the dressing on the side)

wendy's - i usually get half of a salad (they are mostly under 400 calories, except the taco & caesar salads). dressing on the side. the grilled chicken wrap is also another good option.

zupas - half any of the salads & put the dressing on the side. you are also pretty safe with half of any of the sandwiches as well.

other good rules of thumb 

dressing on the side .. always. then dip your fork into the dressing before taking a bite of your salad (or whatever). it flavors it up but decreases those calories! 

nix the breads & sauces. if you can't get something super healthy, you can always go "protein style" & get rid of the bread. i also will ask for the sauces on the side or no sauce at all (depending on what i'm eating). 

portion sizes. this is HUGE. a lot of restaurants here like to super size everything! keep in mind portion sizes & try to pace yourself. 

call ahead. if i'm on my way to work (& didn't cook or pack a lunch) i'll call the restaurant ahead of time & place an order to go. that way i can just swing by & pick it up on my way to work. no lines, no hassle. just in & out. 

so .. again. these are just things that have helped ME personally in my "trying to eat more clean" journey. it gets rough sometimes & yes, i definitely have my cheat days & eat french fries & hamburgers with all of the sauce. but usually i try to make health-conscious decisions. 

hope this is helpful to someone somewhere out there haha & if not, well i have a nice little reminder incase i ever fall off of the bandwagon haha. 

if any of you have any other tips or tricks or yummy yet healthy places to heat, holla!!


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