labor day recap

labor day this year was pretty chill. we hit up the pool for a few hours, came home & showered + got all of our comfy clothes on, started marinating some chicken & watched pocahontas until alec got home from work. then we busted out the grill & had ourselves a yummy bbq (seriously go here for some of the best chicken everrr. i didn't do the salsa cause quite frankly we were all famished & would have eaten our plates if we could have. so next time).

i brought my camera to the pool intending to take lots of videos & pictures but you know, i kind of forgot about it (until the end). being IN the moment rather than outside of it looking in was my thing today .. & it was much needed too. so .. instead of pictures you get stories haha 
you lucky ducks you .. 😜

so at the pool today i was super proud of gavin. we've had him in swim lessons but it never really "clicked" for him until today. he was swimming from the side of the pool & back to me over & over again (pretty far too). at first he was nervous & would scream for help (LOL) but after a little pep talk & him realizing that he can in fact swim .. he was a little fish! we still need to work on floating on his back a bit but otherwise he rocked it! #proudmommoment 

capri was also being a little fearless fish putting her face into the water + blowing bubbles! she was also wading out into the "deep" part of the kiddy pool until the water reached her armpits. she's a little daredevil haha but it's so fun to see how brave she is! i love that about her! she's definitely a go-getter! 

i can't believe we are stepping into the front doors of fall! it's crazy to me how quickly this year went! we still have another vacation coming up in a few weeks (EEEKKK) & then it's kind of crazy time with work & the holiday season (including alec + i's, mine's, me's? (english probs) birthdays). it's gonna be a really fast, really fun whirlwind! 
as much as i love the summer months .. i'm ready for the fall weather. the crisp air, smell of pumpkin & cinnamon everything & sweaters, ahhh it's seriously the best. 

hope you all had fun kissing the summer goodbye!! 
fall here we coommmeeee!!!


ps i had a few questions about my swimsuit. 

the bottoms are from urban outfitters a few years back, but i found some similar ones here
the top is from kortni jeane 

hope that helps! 

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