capri-isms | 1

this little girl has seriously been so much fun lately! 
her sass can be seen from miles away & she's definitely a stubborn one who gets what she wants! BUT she is also very sweet & funny - the best of all worlds :) 

i know i recently did my "monthly" post about capri, but now that she's talking more i wanted to document some of the things she's been saying like i have been doing with gavin. i re-read some of the posts today & i was dying! i'm SO happy i documented the little things he said & did because man i would have never remembered ..

every time capri wakes up she hands you all of her stuffed animals she sleeps with one by one before she lets you even touch her haha she'll say "minnie .. bear .. bunny .. bankie (blankie) .. out!!" 

in the middle of all of her poopy diaper changes she says "eww. gross. tinky poop!" & makes a gagging noise haha 

one day she was being pretty clumsy & falling everywhere .. but she's so dang tough she didn't shed a tear. instead, i just heard her mumble "ouchy" multiple times under her breath 

after one of her naps, i went into get her out of her crib & she grabbed my kimono & said "ohh preeee (pretty) momma!!" 

i introduced capri to pocahontas the other day & she LOVED the raccoon (miko?). every time he would come onto the screen she'd giggle & say "cute!" 

she calles anyones cellphone "a pone" 

her favorite bedtime stories are the dragons love tacos books .. she always says "taco! taco!" when i ask her what she wants to read

i recently bought capri her first pair of dress-up shoes, she held them to her chest the entire time at the store & kept saying "cute shoe!! cuttteee!". when we got home, she wouldn't take them off haha they're super big on her & she rides the struggle bus trying to walk in them, but she just loves them! also, i couldn't handle her outfit the other day (pictured above). it just depicts capri perfectly haha 

capri loves the despacito song & will, on the right beat, say "bomb bomb" haha it's my favorite. she also sings the stay song & will sing "clock .. stayyyy" 

whenever someone says "oh no!" or gasps or anything capri will say "happened??"

when she wants anything it's always "hab it?? peeassseee?!"

she knows where my chocolate stash is & apparently begs alec for some "chocoate" frequently.

gav was having a rough day & was crying, capri took immediate notice to him & said "babin sad!?" while running over to him & giving him a giant hug. it melted my heart into the biggest puddle. i'm a cheeseball .. i know. but seriously, how can you not just breakdown after seeing that?! 
you can't. 
oh, & how she calls gavin either "babin" or "bruuuhher (brother)" is my absolute favorite. 

i'm sure there are tons more things i'm missing, but those are the ones that stand out to me most! 
until next time, from this tiny ponytailed girl


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