a few of my favorite things | featuring warby parker

as the seasons are slowly changing & fall is upon us i figured it was time to share a few things that i'm loving right now as well as things i'm excited to start using! 

1/ this hand made baking book is one of my favorites! the recipes are always delicious and, not to mention, beautiful! i made the brownies a week ago & they were seriously SO GOOD!!

2/ rainy weather = reading weather in my book (see what i did there? .. haha). honestly there are few things that top being all cozied up inside, deep in a book while it's storming outside. 

3/ these frames (also featured in all of these pictures). so i'm pretty much blind, not many know that because i kind of refuse to wear my glasses regularly (the same frames over & over make me a little bored) & i am not a huge fan of contacts. not only does warby parker have great options, there is a wide variety of styles - literally something for everyone. 
AND not only are they super cute, they're very affordable as well .. like i could buy a couple of pairs for how much i usually spend on one! i loved using their home try on program to find the perfect fit for me (cause let's be honest, sometimes what i think will look good & flatter me, does NOT). i was able to choose 5 frames to have sent to me (for free) & try them out for 5 days .. then make a decision! easy peasy guys .. cause what's easier than shopping in your own home? the answer is nothing.

4/ embroidered pants are my jam. just a little something, something extra goes a long way (my current lutsts/favorites are here). also, tied up shirts. i don't know why but apparently the 80's is calling my name haha #tiealltheshirts. & aren't these pink glasses just perfect?! 

5/ my favorite pair of lenses from the home try on program. 

i hope you are all enjoying whats left of this warm weather .. haha we all know it leaves us way too quickly! 


this post was made in collaboration with warby parker, all opinions are my own

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