lately | summer 2017 ed.

whelp summer is just about over & i realized i've been doing a pretty poor job of documenting the little things - "the little things" meaning all of the non-eventful vacations, the mini victories & our day-to-day life as we know it right here & right now. 

one of the main purposes of my blog is to document life with my family - our triumphs & trails, our vacations, things that are new, etc .. so here is a BIG wordy catch up post to do said documenting 
(i'm sure a picture compilation will shortly follow but until i have the time or motivation to dig through the hard drive .. this will have to do)

+ we finally have our whole yard covered in grass!!! YASSSSSS!! it's still surreal looking outside & not seeing a stretch of dirt/sand & weeds. but we did it! it was really the one thing (house-wise) we wanted to accomplish this summer (along with sprinklers) & WE DID IT!! 

+ capri has turned into quite the little outdoor lover - all things sand, dirt, animal, water & rock she's all in! 

+ gavin has been loving his little freedoms that we are slowly letting him have - like riding his bike down the street to his friend's house. he also has a small list of chores he has been doing each day before he can play or watch a movie or whatever. he's growing up so fast & i honestly don't even know what to do sometimes. 

+ our chickens started laying eggs!! i think only 3/4 are laying cause we are getting about 2-3 a day but i am SO excited about this!! we are getting a beige/peach color + green + pastel blue!! super fun!! it's like christmas morning every time we get an egg haha 

+ capri has been doing gymnastics all summer long & has been loving it! she doesn't like to participate sometimes & she gets a little feisty + protective over her high beam .. but it's been good for her to go & interact with kiddos her age. she has fun exploring & doing what she wants. i personally enjoy that 1:1 time i get with her, cause it's pretty rare to come by. 

+ gav has been in soccer camps most of the summer - one with the city & the other with his uncle. it's been fun watching him learn more about the game & growing in his skills. 

+ i have been going through a little funk lately, if you will. lots of change has been happening at work & there is going to be some changing happening at home as well. i'm not big on change & don't particularly love it .. i know it can bring amazing things & that we can't get where we are going w/o it .. but sometimes i'd rather just stick to my safe routine, to something i know. but despite my attempts at resistance, change is happening .. ready or not. 

+ we went to a movie in the park in our little town complete with cotton candy, popcorn & bbq. it was fun to mingle with everyone & to keep the kids up past their bedtime for a fun movie & treats. definitely one of my favorite memories this summer! 

+ my brothers both left me ha. my older, little brother (make sense?) moved to hawaii with his wife in may & won't be home until december .. my youngest little brother just left on his 2 year mission for our church on 8.15.17 to guatemala. my sister is still here with her husband but man!! i miss my brothers haha! one day we will all be together again! 

+ our garden was kind of funny this year - we have lots of squash still growing but have only picked one ripe one .. our tomatoes have taken off & we are going to have a lot pretty soon! one pepper grew (HA) & our watermelon plant didn't even blossom haha. we also got one carrot, a few servings of lettuce, a handful of strawberries, a couple handfuls of blueberries, 3-5 blackberries & some sugar snap peas. our apple & peach trees didn't produce anything either - i think they may have froze. but who knows. fingers crossed next year we get a good crop of everything!! 
i think next year we need new soil & to move stuff around a bit. i know all of the berries will come back on their own, as for everything else .. new homes!! 
(ps if you have any gardening tips please share!! still amateurs over here haha) 

+ i've been loving exploring the mountains a little more. we haven't gotten to do as much exploring as i would like to have .. but hopefully we can sneak away a few times before it gets too cold out to check some places off of my bucket list. it's crazy! for how long i've lived here, i feel like i haven't even scraped the surface of places to see! 

+ gavin got his first set of staples - i'm sure we have some broken bones & other lacerations just waiting to happen ha #ohboys 

+ i've still been enjoying the gym. i've had to take about a week off due to a nasty cold i somehow contracted .. in august #whoknows. i'm excited to jump back into it next week - but it's also been important to let my body rest & heal properly. 

+ itching to book some international vacations - any tips on when/where to purchase flights?! i really would love to go anywhere in europe .. but honestly the travel bug has bit & when it bites i'm willing to go anywhere!! 

+ we went to two outdoor musicals this summer .. joseph & the amazing technicolor dreamcoat & brigadoon (which i honestly don't super highly recommend ..).

+ gavin had quite the eventful summer, as far as injuries go haha. he got bit by a snake (a garden snake that was more traumatic than dangerous), stung by a bee (trying to pick it up 😐) and he got two staples. & i have a feeling this is just the beginning + that we will start meeting our deductible a lot sooner these days haha 

all of these things plus a few vacations squeezed in there made up our summer & it was a good one. it's crazy how quickly time seems to go more & more each year! 
here's to taking a step back to enjoy every moment & to make some amazing memories!! 


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