gav's staple escapade

yes, that's all blood

on sunday night gav experienced the first incident that required some type of medical intervention (minus the average bandaid, benadryl cream or simple first aid).

we were hanging out at my parent's house & gav was playing with the dresser/chest thing where all of the toys are kept. he pulled on one of the doors & it ended up tipping the whole entire thing over - while it could have been much worse (like the dresser crushing gavin) alec & my mom were able to catch it before that happened .. but all of the photos that were on top ended up landing on his head & splitting it a few times.
we rushed gav into the kitchen to get a better look (and to avoid blood getting everywhere) & through tears he kept saying "i shouldn't have done that!!! i don't want to go to the doctor!!" haha poor boy. he just knew .. 

we only saw the one cut & stopped the bleeding pretty quickly. i consulted my bestie turned NP about what to do .. sometimes these types of things can heal on their own. she gave me her advice & we decided to take him in due to how deep the cut was & how wide it was sitting open. 

the nurse came out to the waiting room a couple of times to put numbing gel on it & within 30 minutes we were in the exam room getting staples. as they were cleaning up his head we found another cut, but it was pretty minor & didn't need anything done to it. 

2 staples & some vending machine toys later .. gav was as good as new! he cried more because he was scared rather than from the pain haha poor boy. but in 5 days (from sunday) he gets to get them removed & return to his normal crazy activities. 

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