gavinisms + gav lately

this guy has been super crazy, funny & has been growing up so fast lately!! i honestly can't even believe how big he is now!! 

here are some funny things gav has said & done lately 

apparently gavin & one of his buddies at church thought it would be funny to beat the teachers & all of the kiddos back to their classroom after a drink break to blockade the door .. wtf haha 

we were listening to music in the car & gav kept telling me to turn it up .. along with the order came an explanation "mom soccer players like music loud, really loud. and i'm a soccer player!"

alec was teaching gavin about the phrase "did me a solid" & after a minute of gav pondering this he looks up at us with his big, excited eyes & said "capri did me SO many solids today!!" 

we were listening to ed sheeran's song shape of you .. when all of a sudden gavin says "ohhhh!!!! it's bed sheets NOT butt cheeks!!" hahahaha i about died! 

we were at my in-laws house & caught a garden/water snake. gavin wanted to hold it & was so excited about doing so that he didn't hear the warnings of caution about holding the snake from behind it's head .. whelp gav ended up getting bit & learned his lesson real quick. haha no harm came to gavin (or the snake) but it was pretty traumatic for him 

gavin also decided to try & pick up a bee .. you can probably guess how that ended (a very sore & swollen thumb). 

gavin loves to sing & dance .. he usually takes his shirt off while dancing. i don't know you guys haha but he loves it. 

gavin has decided that he absolutely HATES going to the gym & kid care while i work out. like he cries about it. it's pretty sad but i honestly don't get it .. he's usually just fine going places. anyways, one day he was expressing his dislike of the gym to me & said something along the lines of "well mom. i'm just not too excited about going there today. it's going to make me have a bad day!"

gav is one of the sweetest, funniest, smartest little people that i've ever met (& no, that's not me being biased). he has a heart of gold & is always looking for ways to help people. he has a love of life that is so contagious & so obvious - it's one of the many things i love about my boy. 

he is growing up to be such a good helper & knows what his chores are every day & does them. he is also such a sweet older brother, even though they have their moments .. he's very aware of capri & very protective. 

gavin is also loving soccer & is in his second soccer camp this summer right now. it's so fun to watch him play. i don't know a ton about soccer (gasp!) but i know that he loves it & has the time of his life while playing, & that's good enough for me! 

mr. gavin has proved to be quite the little fish! he LOVES to swim & be in the water! he took swimming lessons during the spring & has done pretty well with it all. he still is working on mastering floating on his back but he can hold his breath & swim a good distance before needing help. makes me so proud! 

one day gavin was on the lake with my mother & father-in-law to test their boat out before w'e took it to lake powell. gav had just watched the discovery channel about sharks & sea creatures .. which in his little mind all water animals lived in water. he was asking my mother-in-law "so .. i'm really nervous about sharks, are there sharks in here?" "no gavin those are in the ocean." "okay. well what about stingrays, are those in here?" "no gavin, those are also in the ocean" ... pause .... "are there any other species in here that would be harmful to me?" LOL i can't even that he said that!! who is this kid!? 

i love my gavin john so stinking much i could cry! i can't believe he's FIVE!! 
the sky is the limit for this kiddo & i can't wait to see what he does with his life!!

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