fitness friday | on those not so easy days

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one thing that i had a hard time with when i first started working out (& still do sometimes) is giving myself a break and taking a "cheat day" if you will. 

now let me kind of clarify & expand on these things. 

1] giving myself a break does NOT mean that i am a failure or that i am going to lose everything that i worked up to that week. listening to your body is SO important & it's part of being fit. it's good to push yourself, but it's also good to have a period of resting & recovery.
this also doesn't mean to not do anything that day .. or it could, & that's totally fine! but do something a little less high impact like yoga or pilates where you're still working muscles & getting in that burn, but you're not doing the cardio + weights you've been doing all week. does that make sense? 

2] ohh cheat days .. how i love/hate you. so honestly i let myself have one day a week to eat whatever i want. now, this doesn't mean go ham & down an entire pizza or eat 5 cheeseburgers .. i still make sure my portions are controlled & that i'm not over-doing it. BUT if i want that sushi roll .. i get it!! ya know?! also chocolate chip cookies are my jam, i need at least one a week!! these little things aren't going to set me back .. honestly. if you think about it .. ONE cookie isn't going to undo 1 weeks worth of exercising. now a cookie a day might .. you see? balance. i'm a big foodie at heart & i love to eat yummy things .. not all healthy things are super yummy & a lot of the time they don't "hit the spot" .. hence the cheat day. 

another thing i wanted to talk about & kind of focus on is the hard days. 

there are days i look in the mirror & feel so frustrated with myself. when i didn't eat super well one day & i missed a couple of days working out (because of work or whatever reasons) .. so i get angry with myself & feel like i just undid so much work. 

this is where i have to stop myself .. to try to repeat positive affirmations to myself & to realize that i have come a long way!! yes, maybe i still have a long way to go in order to get where i want to be .. but i've started doing something .. i've been in a routine .. i have people cheering me on! 

on those not so easy days, remember you have a support system & someone cheering you on (ME if anyone!!)! you have the right to rest both mentally & physically & if you miss a day or two, so what!! it's a new day every day & you can pick yourself up & start again!! 

i guess i just wanted to put in a plug about the hard days .. because they will & do happen .. they are frustrating has heck & sometimes they make you wonder if it really is making a difference. 
just hang in there, take the time you need to get back up onto your feet, put your game face on & GO!!! 

you got this!!


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