chickpea & vegetable coconut curry


this recipe is the!! honestly! i've made it a handful of times & all of the times i've just loved it, as well as my kiddos & husband. 

full of vegetables, coconut milk & other good things - this is a very flavorful, filling yet healthy dish! i love the creamy texture of the chickpeas as well as the the medley of red peppers, peas, cauliflower & onion.
i followed the recipe exactly & wouldn't change a thing .. i did however get the cauliflower in "pearls" or rice like sized just because my kids eat it better that way!  

recipe is here

p.s. if you're a little sensitive to spicy food, maybe old the chili powder a little bit and make sure to serve it on rice, it makes it less spicy. 

happy weekend everyone!! 

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