7 years

7 years ago (on 8.7) alec & i started into each other's eyes from across the alter, making promises to each other & to our heavenly father for time & all eternity. 

never once have i regretted that decision. 

i love us & our marriage .. BUT i want to be realistic here for just a sec. 

marriage is HARD. it's freaking HARD .. it requires work & attention & lot's of upkeep. 
sometimes i feel like social media gives off this "fa la la la la my marriage is blissful in every way & there's nothing that's ever wrong & we never fight & our lives are always happy & la la la" feel & sometimes it bugs me bad haha 

not that we shouldn't celebrate the moments that feel that way because it feels good to feel good!! but i think (especially if i am personally having a hard time with something in my marriage) it makes me even more upset that things "aren't the way they're suppose to be" & i start to compare my marriage & life to others - which is NOT okay because i'm most likely comparing it to something that's not even really that way all of the time. 


i love alec with all of my heart & i would choose him time & time again. i am so proud of us for pushing through some pretty hard times, for making changes when there needed to be & for respecting & loving one another. we don't always see eye to eye, but we do honor & respect one another & care about each other's feelings .. so we compromise & work through things to figure it out. some weeks are SUPER hard & frustrating & it feels like we are co-existing rather than a couple who are married. 
but alec is so good at leaving me notes around the house expressing his love & appreciation for me, even when i don't deserve it. 
he is constantly making sure we have clean laundry & that our kids are taken care of (he really is the best daddy). 
he is always able to make me feel better. these past few weeks have been really hard for me for a lot of reasons .. i feel like i've been dragging my feet & kind of in a dark place - but alec has swooped in time & time again to save the day. he doesn't get mad that the dishes aren't done or that our room is 95% unfolded laundry - he just hugs me & makes sure i'm okay, then he turns to our kiddos & cares for them & loves them. 
al is one of the hardest workers & sometimes i get ticked about it haha. i shouldn't .. because honestly it's one of the things i'm so thankful for about him .. he is always helping others & giving 110% to whatever he does. 

i am so happy with how our life is turning out. it isn't where i pictured we would be in 7 years .. but it's even better than i could have imagined. 

for our anniversary we usually head up to park city to spend the night & just have some us time. this year it didn't quite pan out that way but it was fun to switch things up & do something a little different! we went to tucanos & ate our hearts out - like i'm still full haha then we headed up to sundance (where al proposed to me) to watch joseph & the amazing technicolor dreamcoat (for al's first time) in the beautiful mountains! it was just perfect with the scenery, sipping hot chocolate & the quiet of the mountains. also, for journaling purposes, donny osmond showed up & sang a song for us! it was super fun because i totally remember my parents taking me to see him in the same musical years ago! 

happy 7 years my love, i can't wait for the rest of forever & to see everything we accomplish together! 

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