LP '17 | photo ed.

the kids loved the zinc sticks

little cheeser & her teefers haha

gav went crazy catching all of the lizards

we had such a great week in lake powell - our little piece of heaven on earth. 
all of alec's siblings + parents decided to go in on a timeshare on a houseboat & i am so happy we did!! honestly - these memories are what i live for!

both al & i grew up going to lake powell so it holds a special place in our hearts .. there really is something about that red rock that just gets me! it's been so fun making new memories with our kiddos & showing them what the lake life is all about!! 

& of course, it was so nice to turn off my phone for a week & just be with no worries in the world. i swear it's a necessity for my sanity to "unplug" every now & again & boy did this trip come right in time! 

gav grew up so much this trip & was doing all of the big kid things like cliff jumping, kneeboarding, surfing (with the help of his aunt + uncle), tubing, going down the big waterslide on his own & catching as many lizards he could get his little paws on! he was truly in heaven the whole week & i am pretty positive he would move in permanently if we let him! he was also a big help with his cousins (you know, oldest cousin duty) & had so much fun swimming & wrestling with hudson! those two love + fight like brothers haha oh! & he even learned how to draw the official salmon fish figure that his grandpa + dad draw all of the time - it was one of his proudest moments. 

capri also grew up a TON! she started saying all kinds of words, speaking in small sentences & asking to sit on the toilet to poop (i mean of all times to want to potty train haha)! capri also enjoyed all of the things that her little self could including going down the big waterslide (with daddy in tow), going down the kiddo slide all by herself, throwing unlimited amounts of "ocks" (aka rocks), riding on the tube & wave runner & eating all of the dorritos + licorice she could stuff into her mouth haha 

seriously this year was SO SO good & i can't wait for the future years to come!! 
LP you were good to us, until next time 


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