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something i've been becoming more & more passionate about lately is health + fitness. 
i know i usually post recipes on friday but i think i'm going to switch back and forth between recipes & this fitness friday bit i've decided to kind of start .. 

when i say "being healthy" i'm talking about physical health, but i also mean overall health as well (emotional, spiritual, etc). but to start somewhere, where i kind of took off, let's talk about physical health. 

it's well-known to most everybody that in order to be healthy, you need to exercise. i'm not talking about being "skinny" or super toned or ripped or having a 6-pack (although those perks wouldn't be bad ehh?) - i'm talking about getting your blood pumping, sweat dripping & making yourself WORK

i can't tell you enough how much of a difference i can feel in myself physically as well as mentally. & although i am far, far, FAR from where i want to be, i am already so much more confident & happy with myself than i've been in a long time. 

now another thing that most people (maybe??) would agree with me about is that it is kind of intimidating to start. the amount of exercises are overwhelming & you have people telling you this, that & the other about "if you want this .. do ________". i'm going to tell you my little baby steps that helped me get into a good, solid routine of working out. 

1. get a gym buddy!!!!!!! i can't say this enough!!! find someone who will hold you accountable, someone who is dependable & who won't succumb to your excuses. my best friend & i started going together & it has been the best decision ever. we are competitive with each other (in a healthy way) so we know that we will both be there when we say we will be. we also push each other either working out together or in class. it's seriously been the best having her by my side, motivating me & helping me through the thick & ugly parts of working out. 

2. look into classes. this was a game changer for me! i was going to the gym regularly & kind of doing my own versions of "workouts" that i thought would be good .. but i kind of crapped out on myself early & i wasn't seeing any results. & even though results don't show overnight .. i felt like i had put in enough time to see or feel something different .. but nada. then we tried a few classes out. they KILLED us .. i could barley make it through the hour - but i had my gym buddy with me (who was on a similar level physically as me) & a coach telling me what to do & how to do it. i didn't have to come up with a workout .. i just had to come pumped & ready to work hard!! we've been going almost 3 solid months 4-5 days a week to classes & we are so happy about them!! i love, love, love my classes!! 

3. realize that you have to start somewhere. this was hard for me. i had once been in pretty dang good shape - not really ever having to "get into shape" from an out of shape body, if that makes sense. but today is going to be easier than tomorrow .. and once you start you just keep the ball rolling & pretty soon it'll be something you can't live without!! promise!! don't jump in thinking you'll be amazing & have all of the energy & hit all of the workout super hard. cause honestly, you won't. at least not right off of the bat. but it's something to work up to & it's definite motivation. it's also super fun when you go to classes consecutively & see your progress with making it through routines better or lifting more weight! 

4. if the gym isn't for you, start at home!! i've talked about using apps (like the aaptiv app!) or downloading workouts from various websites & honestly you don't need a ton of equipment to do a good workout, promise!! just decide to do it, and do it!!! once you feel ready for that next step, start going to the gym to push yourself harder & to have more options. 

5. pick attainable goals. be realistic with yourself. don't focus so much on weight loss, but more about how you feel & look! when i first started i wanted to lose x amount of weight. but then i realized that with lifting & all of the exercising i was doing, i am going to be building muscle as well, which also adds to weight. SO using the scale to tell me if i was meeting my goals or making progress isn't really realistic or a good way to measure my progress. be proud of yourself for getting up & moving, it'll take a minute to feel different & to see a difference, but it'll come & when it does you'll be so happy you started!! 

& if you're in utah county & need a gym buddy - hit me up!! my friends & i are always up for going on group dates to the gym!! :D


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