he was cold, hence the arms. & tube socks forever!! 

1st roasted mallow (check!)

gav's poor ear! we don't know what the heck happened .. we're a mess guys haha

dancing w/ sparklers 

this year our 4th got off to a rocky start - poor capri got strep throat (for the second time this year .. within like 2 months) & was a wreck for a couple of days. due to her being sick, al & i had to divide + conquer for a bit. so, the "not pictured" portion of our weekend was a neighborhood party - BBQ, fireworks, kiddos everywhere .. you get it. 

luckily our little lady was feeing much better (& less contagious) on the 4th (which is really the most important day anyway, right?!) & we were able to get out of the house to do some celebrating! 

we decided to wake up at the crack of dawn, which about killed all of us btw, to see the hot air balloons take off! al & i lived literally 2 minutes away for like 5 years & this was our first time going together ha but i'll be honest & say that it was worth it! it was pretty cool to see all of the balloons inflate & take off into the bright blue sky! 

everything following the balloons was kind of a whirlwind .. 
swimming + ice-cream + snocones (bahama mama "stuffed" a.k.a with ice-cream is THEEE best) + brunch + BBQ dinner + fireworks + roasted mallows + family. 

i do have to put in a little plug here about our almost life-threatening experience with the fireworks. i mean it was legit scary .. i laugh now b/c i can see all of us running for cover like chickens w/ our heads cut off .. but seriously it was nuts! 

my parents & their neighbors always get together for fireworks - you know, the combine your stash with mine & eat your weight in treats kind of thing. 
anyways, we had some pretty big arial fireworks that we were all pretty stoked about seeing. when the first one was lit, it went all wrong. the first kick sent the firework up into the sky, where all fireworks belong .. but when it kicked it knocked the box over & the other fireworks were shooting all of the houses & at us. luckily no-one was hurt, but a few people got hit by firework & we all had to run for cover. 
scary!!! so after that the boys weighed the big boxes down & all was right in the world. 

all-in-all it was another wonderful 4th full of family, food & appreciation for our freedom!


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