''creamy'' grapefruit detox smoothie

today i bring you another smoothie recipe!! 
i've been living on smoothies lately - it's part because of the heat & part because after working out food just doesn't sound appealing. so my breakfast or lunch usually consists of some type of smoothie. 

i found this recipe & was intrigued because it used grapefruit (which i LOVE) - the word "detox" didn't hurt either. so i gave it a go! 
i decided to leave out the ginger .. for some reason i wasn't in the mood for the taste of ginger, i wanted all of the citrus baby ha so i mean do what you wish, but it was delicious! 
i also halved the recipe so i used 1/2 of the measurements recommended (excluding the grapefruit, i used 1 whole grapefruit). 

give it a go & let me know what you think!! it made all of my citrusy + creamy dreams come true 

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