a book review : big little lies

well after sitting on this book for like 2 months (YIKES) i finally finished!! 
the 2 month period of not reading from cover to cover had nothing to do with my interest level in the book or how much i liked it because guys, i loved it!! 

definitely a page turner. you know those trashy tv shows that you love/hate to watch .. the ones that are kind of train wrecks but you just can't not watch? that's what i feel like this story is like .. in a very good way haha i don't know why but i kind of love drama & the twists + turns it gives a story. 

this book kind of throws you back & forth between a few women & their lives & stories. you get bits & pieces of them that kind of make up a big story. so . good! 

5 stars & two thumbs up from me .. i'm going to start on another book written by liane moriarty so i'll let you know if it measures up!! 


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