18 months of capri

our little miss is 18 months old today!!
capri has changed SO much this past month, it's crazy to me!! 

she is talking a lot more & even piecing together words to make small sentences. 

she has revealed that she knows what a cow & chicken say - all of the other animals are question 
marks haha (she usually laughs when we ask).

capri is still in gymnastics & seems to really like it. she has her moments (& days) but overall i think she looks forward to having a place & time that is all about her & not shared with gavin. 

this past month capri went to lake powell for her 2nd time & LOVED it!! she's all about the lake + "ocks" (rocks) & "shishies" (fishes). she also found a love for doritos while on the trip - the girl could eat a whole bag in one day if i let her!!

sis knows a lot of her body parts & can point to & say most of them. 

she loves to be out side as much as possible & lives for the sandbox! she also loves climbing by the sandbox + chicken coop to watch the chickens. 

capri loves music & sings + dances with us whenever it's on. 

she officially has enough hair for me to do a small little ponytail (pictured). i am pretty sure she prefers it over bows because she immediately rips her bows out if we try to put them in haha 

capri still idolizes her brother & even calls him "brother". i swear she said gavin once, but she hasn't since so who knows!

i think we've started throwing the 2 year old tantrums in these parts cause MAN the girl can scream. she is also very, very strong willed, which is good when it's not against what we want her to do ha. 

capri refuses siting in a highchair & now stands at the table next to gavin. 

she is obsessed with jewelry & calls her bracelets "pretties". i just ordered her a bunch more cause her little wrists can barley squeeze into the bracelets from when she was a few months old. hopefully she loves them!! 

sister loves to draw & color. she especially likes chalk (probably cause it allows her to be outside). 

capri also experienced strep throat for the second time this year (which was the WORST). fingers crossed she doesn't get it again for a long time.

she has THE funniest little personality & seriously cracks me up all day every day. her laugh is to die for & her cheesy smile just gets me in all of the mom-feel places. 

capri loves books & reading. she usually opens them up, points at the pictures & words & says "a-a-a-a-a" haha it's my favorite!

current stats are
weight : 21.75 lbs (34%)
height : 31" (25%)
OFC : 48.5 (94%) 

i'm obsessed with her little freckle/beauty mark on her right cheek.
i LOVE when she gives me her rare hugs & kisses
i also hope her chunky little thigh rolls stay for a while longer - i love her little squishy legs!!
ahh we just love this spunky little girl so dang much & can't imagine life without her!!

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