17 months of capri

always, always, ALWAYS on the go

i just had to throw this picture in haha she KILLS me

well little miss capri ann has reached 17 months old (in the blink of an eye!). 

she's super sassy, stubborn, funny, crazy (in all senses of the word), happy, emotional, & has a healthy obsession with her brother, dad, and sugar snap peas right out of the garden. 

capri has 12 chompers with a few coming in hot - fingers crossed they get here soon cause all of the snot & drool needs to end quick (my clothes will be happy about it). 

sister loves to draw/color & enjoys being read to .. especially the dragons love tacos book (thanks meg & andy!!).

capreezy lives .. i mean L I V E S for the outdoors. dirt, animals, insects, rocks, water .. did i mention dirt?? she loves it all. these photos capture capri in her element (dirty face and all) & i couldn't love them more for that reason 

capri has started talking more & more & can officially identify a cow & chicken (verbally) + what sounds they make. i mean one day she was like oh ya! i'll tell you all of the sounds & animals, but the next minute she was like nope (zipped lips motion). so it really depends on her mood. BUT it was so fun to hear that she actually knew them! 

sis is always saying "go!! let's go!!!" (usually meaning somewhere outside).

we are also getting a little better with going to other people besides mom + dad (and her grandparents). she surprises us daily with the people of her choice but hey! at least she's actually choosing! 

& then there's the hair, or lack of .. still. poor baby girl haha at least she has earrings, right?! one day i'll be able to do those little piggy tails i've been itching to do SO badly! one day ... 

capri loves to wear her "pretty" a.k.a. bracelet. alec usually puts one on her (whether she asks for it or not) & it's the most adorable thing ever. i love how girly she can be .. you know, aside from playing with daddy long leg spiders + ants (true story). EEEKKK 

sis is also a major animal lover - i know i mentioned it above but i have to make a bigger point of it cause she loves them THAT much. it's so sweet, how she loves on her stuffed animals & tries to catch any living thing she spots. one day we'll make her puppy dreams come true .. but for now she's just fine playing with my parents' dog & chasing the bunnies at grandma & grandpa's house .. 

music is another thing capri loves. when she hears a song, she immediately starts getting her groove on - you should have seen the dance show she & gavin put on at the summerfest haha it was hysterical! those two, i tell you ... they keep us busY! 

as far as food goes, capri loves to chow down. she's getting a little more picky these days so it's been an adjustment trying to guess what she'll eat and what she won't eat. her favorites seem to include : 
dino nuggets 
french fries (you know, all of the good things for you #eyeroll)
mac & cheese
strawberries, blueberries & raspberries 
curry - i made some vegetable curry & she absolutely LOVED it!! i was quite impressed 
peas (especially sugar snap peas from our garden)
steamed carrots 
and anything chocolate

capri still enjoys gymnastics class & has taking a particular liking to the high beam (which is funny cause gav avoided it like the plague). she gets a little protective over it & swats at any other child who even looks in its direction - we're working on it. otherwise, she loves playing with her little friends. 

sister has mastered going down the slide in our basement as well as at my parents' house. she always says "wheeeee" with a giant grin on her face .. it's kind of the best. 

capri has started to point out things that belong to certain people, like drinks for instance. she'll point to a drink & will say "dad's" & kind of go around the circle (if you will) & calls out who's thing is who's. 

we seriously just love this little girl SO much & can't even get over all of her funny little quirks & characteristics that are starting to come out. we are definitely going to have our hands very, VERY full with this girl .. but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

& next month .... N U R S E R Y!!!! can i get a woot woot for almost being able to enjoy church again haha amiright?! 

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