summerfest 2017

her sweet face - she was having SO much fun

we've been letting gav choose his own outfits lately - the tube socks guys - the socks :'D

having the time of his life in the front row w/ a complete stranger

she posed herself - so naturally we had to document (smile & all!!)

this year our little family was able to enjoy a city festivity called summerfest! i swear the years in the past we have either been out of town or celebrating gavin's birthday so we really haven't been loyal carnival attendees - but that may have to change!! gav + capri had the time of their lives & it was seriously such a wonderful night! 

we started off the evening with a big ol' plate of food (that wasn't photographed d/t the fashion it was inhaled ha!) with everything bbq! after dinner, we were off to buy tickets & hit all of the rides (after admiring the firetruck, of course)! it was so much fun to see gav & capri riding on the rides together, my heart just about burst! i love how these two are becoming such good friends & are loving the little adventures we go on together .. especially on sketchy rides that you just cross your fingers were put together correctly HA 

we can talk about that another time though .. 

after our last ticket was used up, we bought some snowcones (which were also devoured in an impressive amount of time) & headed back home to crash. 

it was such a fun little evening with the people i love the most! it's so fun sharing things i use to do as a kid with my own children, nostalgia at it's greatest for sure :) 

hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather & soaking up all of the summer things!! 


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