he's 5

good grief, my little dude is 5!! how did this even happen?! 

mr. gav is one of the sweetest, spunkiest, craziest (like N E V E R stops), smartest, happiest, life-loving people i know & i am SO lucky to call him mine! 

since the moment he was born, i knew this little man was going to move the ground we stood on & boy was i right! every day is an adventure with him & we love that about him! 

gavin loves all things outdoors - especially riding his bike (w/o training wheels!!), scooter, truck, helping around the yard, chasing & holding the chickens, soccer, swimming + anything to do with water, jumping on the tramp & picking peas + strawberries from the garden & eating them right on the spot! let's just say this boy lives for the summer! 

gav surprises me every day with things he knows & has learned - he can write & recognize the entire alphabet, he can read pre-k to kindergarten level books, can count to 100 (by 10's), knows the pledge of allegiance by heart, loves to sing & dance (he's got some pretty sweet moves), is SUPER protective of his baby sis (even though they have a love-hate relationship sometimes), he can write his name & simple words pretty well by himself, loves to paint + color, & can play the piano! 

gavin's favorites include: (movies + tv shows) trolls, moana, beauty & the beast (the newest one, he definitely has a big crush on belle ha), octonauts, & princess sophia (whom he also has a crush on). 
(colors) green + blue. (foods) mac & cheese + anything mexican. he also loves chicken nuggets with sweet & sour sauce from just about any fast food joint. 

i am always blown away by how many people know & love gavin. almost every week i get a text from someone new, asking if their little one can play with gavin. it makes me so happy inside to know that he's so friendly & out there making friends! he really is the sweetest boy & loves to play with people, no matter where we are. 

gavin has a HUGE sweet tooth & knows where everyone's candy drawers & stashes are. he especially loves donuts, cookies, high chews, airheads & any other fruity candy you can think of. 

mr gav just has the biggest heart there ever was & loves + lives BIG. he is an emotional person who wears his feelings on his sleeve .. which is both good AND bad ha. 
one of my very favorite memories of gavin was when he rubbed my head & listened to me talk about a stressful night at work, then falling asleep in his lap. no one else was awake but he & i & he was so adultish in that moment, listening to me & telling me everything was going to be okay .. it was one of those moments where i realized deep down in my bones that i am SO lucky to have this little boy in my life. 
another favorite memory of gavin was when i was deathly sick with capri, just puking & puking & puking. alec wasn't ever really able to stay home with me a lot, so it was gavin & i 24/7. i don't think gavin even knew that i was pregnant at this point, but he caught on pretty quickly that when mommy throws up, she needs a coke & some crackers haha he always ran to the fridge & got me the 2 necessities like a little sweetie. he would also avoid making me cook him eggs cause the smell made me so sick, he would say "mom, i don't want eggs cause those make you sick. i'll have oapanameal (oatmeal) instead". ugh he's just sooooo sweet & really, really aware of those around him. 

we celebrated the whole day with a bedroom full of balloons (tradition) #5 donuts for breakfast, presents, cafe rio, playing with toys, a target run & my parents taking him out for dinner & to the beach resort to play for a few hours. gav also got lots of phone calls & face times wishing him happy birthday! 
you, my sweet boy, are so very, very loved. 

happy happy birthday - can't wait to party it up on saturday!! 


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  1. Add us to the list of those that just LOVE that boy! I am endlessly grateful that he and Calvin are such good buddies. And the patience and kindness he shows to Daphne will forever have him written on my heart! Happy Birthday Gav! We're so bummed we missed your big party.