arizona 2017 | video ed

our vacation to arizona was nothing short of amazing! 
we originally booked the trip to visit my sister-in-law & her newborn babe but it kind of turned in to a revisiting alec's mission area trip as well, which was amazing!! 

i didn't take a ton of video of us touring his area (curse you carsickness!!!) but we did manage to snap a few photos that i will for surely share in the photo edition of this trip. 

the last time i was in arizona was in high school & honestly we didn't see & do much so this trip was so fun because we packed it full of touristy things as well as chill things - lots of pool time (as you can see), butterfly wonderland, family pictures in an amazing cactus field/national park area, farmers market shopping + peach picking, scorpion hunting & staying up until the wee hours of the morning just talking about all things life while eating ice-cream & popsicles. 

arizona will forever hold a special place in our hearts & we can't wait to go back for more .. but maybe next time we'll go during the winter so it's not 100+ degrees all of the time haha 

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