a mom's best friend | working out with aaptiv

alright all you momma's + mom's-to-be out there!! 
i'll be honest here & say that i fell off the working out bandwagon a while ago (before i had gavin) & never really jumped into again until now (only like, 5 years later. but hey! better late than never??!). 

i think one of my biggest hesitations & things that held me back was being insecure about working out around and/or with other women. i naturally compare myself to others, making it super hard to stay motivated throughout my workouts when i'm watching miss muscles (who hasn't missed a gym day in like 10+ years) bounce around like the energizer bunny doing all kinds of complicated moves while i'm huffing + puffing on the stair master. sound familiar? 
i also got super frustrated in classes when i wasn't able to keep up & felt so dumb going back. i know, i know, you have to start somewhere - but sometimes it's easier said than done. 

insert aaptiv - an amazing app FULL of workouts!! some you can easily do in the comfort of your own home (like when you literally have 15 minutes to do some type of workout but you're scratching your head on what to do) OR you can take it to the gym, running outside or on your next vacation! 

i have loved using aaptiv for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones being when i don't have my friends or husband working out with me & pushing me to finish & do hard things - i tend to give up. well with aaptiv you have someone with you the entire time, motivating you & pushing you through the hard stuff! it's also nice because you don't really have to think up a workout on your own, you just pick a class & go for it!! 

i also love aaptiv because it has such a great variety of exercises depending on your mood - you can do HIIT exercises or yoga, you can also do training programs from 5k to marathons .. it's seriously the coolest ever & you don't have to do it alone!! i LOVE that!! 

& for all of you expecting momma's out there - they just introduced a new maternity workout section that you MUST try out!! all things that are good for both baby & mommy (made by expert & certified trainers in pre & postnatal exercise), something else i wish i had when i was expecting. i don't know why but doing any type of exercise while i was pregnant kind of freaked me out b/c i honestly didn't research what was "good & bad" during pregnancy. & not only does it keep you & baby healthy during pregnancy, these exercises are made to prepare a woman's body for birth! 

you guys seriously need to try it! there is literally something for everyone on here (from at home ab workouts to meditation, it's there!)! if you're itching to try it out, go here for a 1 week free trial!! 

let me know what you all think!!


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