a little bit of motivation + my favorite protein shake

oh hey everyone!!

so this is going to be kind of an "unconventional" post but i've had some stuff on my mind i feel like i need to share (or document). nothing too heavy but something i've been becoming pretty passionate about. 


i know, i know. it's something i feel like society shoves down our throats - "work out 5 times a week & eat lettuce & zero soda & blah blah blah" .. i get it & i know! i know it gets old hearing it time + time again. 
but i'm joining in on the tune & giving you my reasons why ..

1. you feel so much better!! yes, your muscles ache & you're tired & you want to throw in the towel because it hurts & you're physically AND mentally pushing yourself hard. BUT at the end of the day - i am physically & mentally better because of it. and there honestly is no denying that. 
as a working mom, my energy levels definitely dwindle hard core sometimes. & i told myself for a very long time that i had no time to exercise & even if i did, it would suck up all of the energy that i had left to give. well .. i proved that theory wrong .. oh so very, very wrong. i almost immediately gained this second wind & i feel like i can actually keep up with my kiddos (at least a little bit more)! i just feel so much more energized & happy & like i can do things! 

2. my emotional health. i don't think it's very uncommon (especially in utah, sadly) for depression and/or anxiety. i know a lot of people who suffer from these things, including myself (especially during those loooong winter months). when i'm tired, i'm a wreck & when i don't feel like i'm being the best me, i'm an even bigger wreck. annddd let's not even talk about the big P (#yikes). my emotions are frequently all over the place & i go into that "i'm fat, i'm ugly, i'm not good enough" stage & it's a very hard place to be as well as a hard place to get out of. after i've started working out more my mood has stabilized a little bit more & i'm not going up & down as much. no, exercising does not solve all of my problems but it definitely gives me a little more oomph to keep going & figure my ish out. 

3. i am a better mom & wife. yes .. this is true. so, so, so, SOOO much better. i am happier, i can do stuff like play with my kiddos & take them fun places & clean the house & grocery shop & do all of the billion things us moms & wives do - & i'm doing it (more often than not) with a smile on my face. 

i'll step off of my soapbox now .. but guys .. this is truly something THAT WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE AND MAKE YOU HAPPY!!! i pinky swear it. 

okay, maybe i'm not quite off of my soapbox yet .. cause i have to talk excuses with you now. 

i am going to be 100% honest & tell you that i had every excuse in the book. 
too tired
no time
i have kids now
i work
i have other things to do
i'm fat already so what's the point
i'm embarrassed
it's too hard

the list goes on. let me address some of these, if i may 

the too tired thing can be summed up above. you get energy from working out. i know it seems a little backwards, but it's the truth. yes, during the workout and after it's a little rough sometimes .. it is exhausting BUT overall .. you will notice an increase in energy. promise!!

the no time thing was probably my biggest excuse because i really am on a tight schedule .. but i decided to make time and guess what?! i found it! no, sometimes it isn't convenient like when i get off of a 12 hour shift that went through the night & go straight to the gym .. but guess what?! sometimes that's the only time. so i go & i sacrifice an hour of my time. and guess what else? i've never, ever regretted it! 
kid care saves me. i know it's sometimes not ideal to drop your kiddos off into a germ fest crazy town & i get it (nurse). BUT guys, every now and again it's okay .. and it's okay to do something for you sometimes. because we all deserve "me" time & if there's an option for some help with my kiddos, i'm taking it! 

the kid thing, above. also i hear a lot of people who work out say that they get shamed for sacrificing time away from the kids to work out. let me just tell you i disagree with that shaming 100%. yes, you leave your kids for an hour or so .. BUT you're teaching them a fundamental principle .. to take care of yourself!! i want my children to learn early on that being healthy is SO important for so many different reasons. i want my children to know that it's okay to take time to make yourself feel good & happy. it's just okay. 

the "fat & embarrassed & too hard" part was also one of my other big obstacles. but then i realized that i could work out at home .. i use apps like aaptiv or the BBG or whatever else you can find (there's TONS of youtube channels, tapes, etc).. so start at home. i mean, you can honestly stay at home if you really don't have time to go anywhere! that's what's so great about living in today's world - there are SO many resources that you can utilize .. so if you wanna stay home, stay home! but find something to do at home that will make you happy! 

okay .. now i'm really done! i just have noticed such a difference in my life after starting to religiously work out & i couldn't not share! i am always looking for a gym buddy so if you want to go but don't wanna go alone, hit me up!! honest!! 

now to the good stuff ... 

AND since i missed last week's recipe, i am going to share one of my favorite post-workout smoothies is this chocolate "wendy's frosty" today .. and let me tell you .. it's delicious!! i can't remember where i saw it so i don't have a link, but i did adapt it a little as well from the original recipe. 


1/2 frozen banana 
3/4 cups unsweetened almond milk (vanilla almond milk is good too)
1/2 - 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (depending on how chocolaty you like it)
a handful of ice cubes 
1 scoop vanilla protein powder 

blend & enjoy!! 

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