16 months of capri

(this post is just a few days belated - but better late than never!!)
i know i say this almost every time but this girl has become the most sassy yet sweet yet haha i guess every month she evolves more & more ..? 

anyways she's seriously been the cutest little bug lately & we have loved every second of it! 

capri is super independent - like if you try to help her at all she freaks out! certain things she will allow help with, but otherwise get lost! along with being independent, capri is very stubborn. she doesn't forget about things easily & isn't easily distracted when trying to divert her attention. 

capri's vocabulary has grown a lot since last month - it was like one day she just decided "hey, i'm gonna talk today!" & she did. she says "no, go, hi, bye, treat, please, baby, puppy, dad/daddy, mom/mommy, nice, pretty, cheers (inside story here), thank you, up, out, dance & mimi. there are probably a few little ones i missed but you catch the drift!

sister LOVES gymnastics & can almost do a somersault by herself! she loves to roll around on the floor & almost makes it over her head haha it's so funny! she also thinks she can conquer the stairs facing forward sometimes, which scares all of us to death! she's usually pretty good about going down on her belly, but when we are by her she gets brave & goes for it. 

baby girl is for SURE a water baby - except for the bath lately. i don't know if something traumatized her or what but she's not a big fan of the bath lately. the swimming pool, on the other hand, is a different story! she loves the pool!! i can't wait for all of the summer days we have ahead!

capri is obsessed with popsicles or anything "ice" related (this is 100% salmon related btw .. all of them love their cold treats)! 

i would say capri's favorite types of food are mexican & indian. we went to bombay house & girlfriend put it down!! i was impressed haha she also loves snacking on dorritos lately.

capri loves the outdoors! she lives to be outside & help around the yard. she's actually pretty good at staying put if she's outside. she loves playing with rocks, dirt & mud (as shown above, she is throwing dirt & rocks haha). outside is just her little happy place & i can't wait for grass so we can spend endless hours doing nothing & everything all at the same time. 

sister loves to dance. she is especially fond of hard rock music haha don't even ask. moana is her fave to sing to though, she & gav have a blast in the backseat busting out all of the moana tunes when we are driving. 

during our arizona trip, capri couldn't get enough of baby savvy (her cousin). every time she was around, capri would climb up onto whomever was holding savvy & gave the baby endless kisses & snuggles. it was so sweet! she also would "shhhhhh" people because she knows we need to be quiet when baby is sleeping haha such a sweet little momma already. 

capri loves fingernail polish & will point it out on people if she sees it. she is actually pretty good about holding still & letting me paint her nails & toenails. i can't wait to take her with me to do nails & girly things!! 

sister went on her second airplane ride & got to experience arizona for the first time!

baby girl is still very smitten with the men in her life, especially her dad. if she sees alec kiss me or hug me she loses her mind haha it's so funny! she's definitely possessive of him! she also loves her brother & lives to chase him around & play with him. they are starting to actually play together more & more & i love it! 

the other night alec set his tent up in the basement & let the kiddos explore in it. capri had an absolute blast & never wanted to get out haha it was so funny! she was jumping around, smiling ear to ear. 

capri use to hate, HATE the camera, but i think we've gotten past that a little bit. as you can see, we managed to capture a few smiles (as long as she wasn't being held or told what to do). 

well that's little capri in a nutshell! 
we just love our sweet baby girl!

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