wild rice burgers

today i bring to you the ultimate veg burger!  
as al & i were trying to menu plan last week, we decided to go out on a limb & go vegetarian for a night! 

honestly i didn't know what to expect. when i think vegetarian i automatically go to a no flavor, no substance, still hungry type of place in my head. but they were SO GOOD!! SO . GOOD. & filling!! alec said "for a burger w/o meat i'd rate it an 8/10" - & he gets pretty stingy about his food ratings (haha)!

the unexpected flavor & crunch with these wild rice patties were just 👌. 
i ended up adding some panko to the mixture because my patties were just a bit too moist at first.
also, i replaced actual buns with sandwich thins & i used mozzarella cheese instead of munster (just forgot to pick it up at the store) .. but it was still delicious. i definitely recommend adding the avocado, lettuce + bbq sauce. 

just do yourselves a favor & try these .. you won't regret it!! 

recipe here

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