things of note

since life has been flying by (i mean it's MAY?!) i decided i better jot down a few things that are happening, worth documenting but not really "photo-worthy" of documenting, if you catch my drift. 
it's always fun to look back & remember life now, my perspective on things & how it changes, or how it doesn't - who knows. 

+ WE ARE GETTING SPRINKLERS && GRASS AND YES I'M REALLY SCREAMING IN REAL LIFE BECAUSE THIS IS A BIG FREAKIN' DEALLL!!! let's just say we are anxiously awaiting the backyard BBQ's & all that comes with it .. 
also, i'm never digging trenches again 

+ our chickens (or puppies, as capri calls them 😂) are like full-grown these days. there is one naughty one in particular, harriet, who enjoys escaping & running around like the sky is falling. you should have seen me in our front yard trying to catch her w/o falling into one of the many trenches 

+ gav is graduating from preschool in like a week && is turning 5 next month. i'm super freaked out about how old he is getting. like he's probably going to be getting married tomorrow at this rate. why is time so crazy?! 

+ i'm still working nights & love/hating it. i love it because i get to spend the day with the kiddos always, hate it because i'm always so dang tired i could cry. & sometimes i do cry. it's fine. i'm just a hot mess over here 99.9% of the time

+ my baby bro is graduating from high school & moving on up in the world. we are also waiting on his mission call to get here - lots of anxiety surrounding that boy these days. 

+ the past few days have been absolutely beautiful & warm .. i am seriously hoping utah means it this time .. NO MORE SNOW &/or COLD THINGS!! 

+ capri is crazy haha she's seriously always on the move & is fearless. i love this age though - she's starting to talk & has the funniest sense of humor + personality. for example, we're trying to teach her all of the animal sounds but instead of mimicking us she starts to laugh hysterically haha it's the funniest thing! i about die every time (ps if you wanna see her lose her mind, tell her what a chicken says)! 

+ getting ready to go on our last few vacations of the year - one this month, july & september. we may or may not go on a few random little getaways in-between but i am definitely looking forward to what we have planned! 

+ i started working out with one of my very best friends & it has been so much fun! it's amazing what having someone next to you will do for you - m o t i v a t i o n & support. win - win 

+ figuring out how we can splurge & go on another cruise (sooner than later) or another fun vacation & also trying out new budgeting things with saving up for us & the kiddos. i'm excited to see how it all turns out & if it's even possible ha! sometimes saving money is a nice thought but hard when you're spending it all on grass & sprinklers, but hey! necessities, right?! 
who wants to search for a money tree with me?! 

+ i've been reading more, which i love. it's nice to be able to pick up my "old" likes & hobbies - you know, before motherhood & adulting happened. 

+ al & i have been talking about our in the next 5 years future & are trying to start preparing now. sounds silly, but we are definite planners & like to know what we are working towards. fingers crossed all goes as planned. & if it doesn't, fingers crossed that we can have the faith all things will work out the way they are suppose to - b/c it's so true! 

whelp - that about sums up life right now. lot's of stuff on the back burner & a few big things in the "happening" stages .. just trying to live each day to the fullest & learning to love the ride! 


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