mother's day roundup

my favorite part of this picture is the fact that there are 4 cubby little paws

the kids were superr thrilled about taking a picture ha

my amazing flowers 😭💕

mother's day was so good this year. 

al surprised me with my absolute favorite flowers everrr (i literally started crying) & helped the kids make breakfast in bed. church was amazing & then we were able to visit both of our mom's + families. 

it was a great reminder to me of how dang blessed i am & how rich my life is. not rich with things, elaborate vacations or whatever ... but rich with amazing people, relationships & a lotta love! 
my heart was just so happy yesterday. 

i hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating WOMEN - all of us, physical mothers or not - deserved to be celebrated yesterday. cause let's be honest you guys, women freaking rock! 


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