a letter to my babies | 2

gav & capri - 

there are days i look at you both & my heart swells up into my throat & it's hard to catch a breath. 
you are both the best things (aside from your daddy) that have ever, ever happened to me. 

you both have such distinct & BIG personalities, i love your similarities but i also love your differences. it's been so fun raising two very spunky mini people .. you two definitely keep things happy, bright & busy! 

more than anything in this world, i want you both to know how much i deeply love you .. more than you will ever, ever know. sometimes it hurts, how much i love you. life is so sweet with you in it & your dad & i don't know what we did to ever deserve your spunky, spicy & very special spirits. 

i want you both to know how much your dad & i want to give you the whole entire world & if we could, we would. nothing makes us more happy than see you succeeding & thriving in doing what you love. i can't stop smiling when i watch you play soccer, gav. & capri - whenever you're outside or in your little gymnastics class i can tell you are just the happiest. 
these small & simple things bring you SO much joy, in turn bringing your dad & i joy. i can't wait to watch you two keep growing up, to watch you keep becoming who you were meant to be here in this crazy world. 
i don't know which of the million roads you will choose to take, but i do know that whatever you choose, you're going to rock it! i know you two are going to make a difference in this word, even if it's a small one, it will matter. 

i want you both to know that nothing is out of reach - nothing. something my dad taught me that i want to teach you is that if you make up your mind to do something, work as hard as you can to get it & do NOT take "no" as an answer, so many doors will be opened up to you & you will, without a doubt, turn your dreams into reality. there will be times that you will be turned away, that you will be told "no" & maybe even that you will never be a __________ or you will never be able to do _______. life gets hard & sometimes things don't always work out the way we think they should, but i can promise you that if you take a step back, rely on faith & prayer, & look at things with an open mind, you will find a way. please, don't ever, ever give up. i know you can do hard things, & you'll always have your dad & i to cheer you on - whether we are here on earth or angels in heaven, will will be your biggest fans. 

you two have a job to bring happiness to those around you. to make strangers smile & to serve often. you have the responsibility to make this world a better place - you were saved for this time to do so. you are strong & have the perseverance + knowledge to do what you need to do .. so please, do it! don't wait. make every day meaningful & live with a purpose, there is always someone you can serve or someone who needs a friend. remember smiling goes a long way & being polite + friendly will always get you further than being rude & entitled. 

hold yourselves to a high standard & never waiver, even if there are fingers pointing at you & asking you why .. don't ever budge. you are meant to be different, to stand out & to be examples. every now & then you will be tempted to falter, to question what you know. during those times, i encourage you to please, fall to your knees & speak with your heavenly father. open your heart & mind up so you can feel & remember the things that you already know. remember you are a son + daughter of god, of a king. you are special.

i am so proud of you both. you make me so happy. 
i love you with all of my heart & soul. i look forward to each day with a lot of anxiety - who is going to do what that day?! you are both so crazy i never know what to expect haha but i love it! 

i love being your momma & i love loving you - it is what i was made to do. 

all my love, 

your momma 

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