my mini watermelon

so mad that she couldn't play soccer with the big kids

this past week gav played his 2nd & 3rd soccer games of the spring season. 
we had some family in town so gav's second cousins were able to come & cheer him on - which was his favorite thing ever! he loves it when he has a little fan club ha!

btw his jersey looks a little orange in these pics - but i can assure you that they are actually bright pink .. which is where his team's name "maui watermelons" came from (just to soften the blow a little bit that they have pink jerseys haha). 

it was SO much fun watching him out on the field. this boy was made to play soccer, he just plays with all of his little heart out there & it makes me so proud! 

i can't wait to keep watching him in the coming years. 

ps. i need to do a "gavinism" post soon because this boy is cracking us up left + right!! 

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