life lately | spring ed.

holy cow you guys, it's APRIL (happy april fools btw 😋)!!!?? 

per usual, life has seemed to stay in the fast lane & doesn't really show any signs of stopping! i am getting better at snapping pics here & there (either one or both of my kids are running amok) so i figured for life's journaling purposes i should do a little compilation post of our "life lately" ..

1// we have been working hard on our yard the past few weeks! luckily the weather was super nice & allowed us to get quite a bit done! we took the kids to cook's greenhouse & they picked out flowers that reminded them of me to plant in the yard (& did a pretty good job, i might add). 
our next step is getting our sprinkling system put in & grass!!! freaking grass you guys - who knew how much we would all want some haha 

2// little leprachaun man on saint patricks day. i was a deadbeat momma & did absolutely nothing cool for the kiddos b/c of sleep deprivation probs .. you win some you loose some. luckily he has some bomb teachers that made his day fun (& next year i'll try to step up my game). 

3// i LOVE our view of mount timpanogos!! we get some pretty amazing sunsets these spring months & i can't even handle the snowcapped mountains up against the cotton candy colored sky. it just makes me all happy inside. it's the little things, right?! 

4// berries + whipping cream on everything these days. #dietwhat?!? 

5// buying TONS of sand for the sandbox in our backyard (that alec made himself btw .. sorry but i had to brag for just a second). the kiddos are already loving it! soon enough it'll be full of neighborhood kiddos & endless sand toys! 

6// gav at one of the few bday parties he's attended lately. the little man knows more people than alec & i do put together haha mr. social! it's been fun watching him make friends & settle into our neighborhood more & more. a BIG reason we moved into this particular area is because of the large amount of young families with lots of kiddos gav & capri's age! it really has been one of the best things everrr. 

7// a sister & her swing - i can't even handle those giant eyes 

8// we picked up some donuts the other day & all went ham over them haha we need to make more frequent trips to the bakery b/c donuts are pretty much life. 

9// sushi! sadly we (as in my coworkers & i) said goodbye to a fantastic nurse - we sent her off with sushi & cheesecake! it was a bittersweet night. 

10// these 2 have been getting along better & better these days. with capri growing up (way too fast, might i add) gav & capri have been playing a lot nicer with one another. she actually understands a lot more & is a little more willing to share these days .. most of the time .. 
capri also idolizes her brother. she was carrying his soccer jersey around all afternoon & once gav made the connection she wanted to wear it, he put it on her & she was all smiles! it was so dang sweet. & then the smooches that happen daily .. melts my heart you guys! siblings are the best. 

11// all of the heart eyes for all of the blossoms 

12// braving the rain during gavin's soccer game. this chick is a little trooper. she wants to play with the big kids SO bad & has a hard time being left behind at all of gavin's activities (you should see the come-aparts that happen at the pool 😳). one day my sweet girl, one day. 

13// gav in all his glory (complete with grass on his face ha)! he is ecstatic to be playing soccer again & is even more excited over the fact that his jersey number matches his uncle's! let the soccer season begin!! 

14// women's conference with my beautiful mom, grandmother & sister 

15// finally went out to get some pho with my people. it was delicious - definitely something i'd love to go back for! 

16// ventured up to the state capitol to take in all of the beautiful blossoms & spring weather! capri was more interested in the rocks than the flowers .. it's fine.

17// took the kiddos to the aquarium for a day date (cause al is out of town) - it was actually really, really fun! not that i don't have fun with these two on the regular .. but they were so well behaved & were truly enjoying one another & the whole experience. a day for the books indeed! 

not pictured

+ our baby chicks are all so dang cute & most of them are sassy .. the kids are just in heaven over these little babes. fingers cross they lay us lots & lots of eggs!! 

+ booked a flight to our next vacation destination & i seriously can't wait!! 

+ added 7 more pictures to my collage wall .. i'm out of control. it's fine. 

+ itching to sale a bunch of furniture & finish our dang room this spring! it's been the slowest room for me to finish .. my vision just wasn't there yet but i think i found THE perfect piece .. now i just need to save my pennies haha (why is everything i want SO expensive??!!). 

+ invested in a new workout plan. i've kind of fallen off of the bandwagon but am itching to jump back on & get my tush into shape!! it's been SOOOO good for me to workout & i definitely notice the difference when i don't. 

+ just really super excited for summertime. like really, really, really excited. 

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