''frugal fun''

so i was approached months ago about sharing different activities our family does for fun that don't break the bank. i had about 5 different drafts for this post but never pushed publish - 
now that we've been through all of the seasons with this idea on the back burner .. i figured a little compilation post would make up for lost time :) 

+ color me mine. this activity can range from cheap to as expensive as you want to get depending on the pieces you choose to paint. there's nothing like painting the rainy days away!

+ go to the public library + programs! if you look into your local library, you can almost always find fun free classes for your kiddos! mine love story time & music + movement. it's also fun to let them go to town looking at books & even checking out some faves at the end of the day!

+ hiking! depending on the time of year, you can choose from a lot of different types of hikes! if you're hiking in a national park area, there is a small fee for parking & entering (usually like $7.00 or so) but otherwise you can make it as cheap or expensive as you would like based on what you bring or buy for the activity. 

+ snowshoeing is another fun outdoor activity that is pretty much the same expense as hiking. just pay for parking & whatever equipment you use. we have our own snowshoes so i'm not sure how much they are to rent, but i'm pretty confident in saying they shouldn't be much!

+ take advantage of your indoor playgrounds, aquariums & museums! there are a handful of free indoor places for the winter time as well as museums. some of the museums + aquariums can be a bit more on the pricy side, but sometimes it's super fun to make a day of it & do a little something special. keep your eye out on groupon tickets as well as online, sometimes they have flash sales & deals! 

+ hit up the local public pools. our pools are pretty inexpensive to get into (as long as they aren't a "water park") & are super fun! our local pool offers a punch pass for $100 for 100 punches - it lasts all summer long & is totally worth it if you're a pool rat kind of person (like me!!). 

+ go to the movie theater. it's always fun to go out to the movies, but sometimes the price point isn't appealing. most theaters offer some type of a discount day, look into that! plus, there is also the dollar theater as well. and on the plus side, if you get in for a good price, there's always a little bit of extra money to spend on treats!! woot woot! 

+ bowling - look up "family night" bowling nights for a discount, or search for coupons! 

+ public parks are always fun! they just put a new one in near us & the kids can't get enough! it's fun to explore new parks every once in a while so maybe google "parks near me" & see what comes up! you never know what gems are hiding from you 

+ baking is an activity i like to save for rainy or slow days. i let the kiddos help measure, pour & stir and sometimes they get their own bowls to make their own concoctions (& to avoid getting overzealous with mine haha #letsbehonest). 

+ staying up to date with seasonal activities around you is a good way to save money & attend all of the fun things! a lot of places offer discounts if you purchase tickets in advance .. so if you know you wanna go i'd hop on it as quickly as possible! the tulip festival & cornbelly's are favorites of ours, but can be quite pricy. i've saved up to half off with purchasing our tickets in advance & googling discount codes. 

if you haven't caught on yet .. GOOGLE DISCOUNT CODES you guys - it's SO worth it!! you find all kinds of treasures & save all kinds of money!!! 

+ go on a bike ride. we live in between the beautiful rocky mountains & a lake, both holding a plethora of trails ranging from easy to advanced. al & i like to load the kiddos up in our bike trailer, pack a lunch (or snacks, depending on the time of day) & go for it! it really is so beautiful & you're exercising at the same time so hey! win, win right?! 

+ roasting mallows & making s'mores is a favorite activity of ours from summer through the fall (before it gets freezing out). you can get as creative as you'd like on this one .. we've driven up the canyon & had our treats there, or we've cuddled up in our kitchen & used the stove as a fire haha either way .. the kids always have a blast! also check out these campfire cones for another take on s'mores 

+ speaking of s'mores .. camping is a great thing to do for a low $$. i love escaping for a minute & enjoying the outdoors with my people. the kids absolutely LOVE exploring & getting dirty haha it's a time where we kind of throw all of the regular rules out the window. summer time is ideal for this one just so you don't freeze (especially the kiddos) but i guess depending on where you live, you can go whenever! you can also camp out in the backyard, which is also a blast!! sometimes it's nice to be near certain amenities 😉

whelp that pretty much sums it up! obviously there are more things out there .. but here are a handful that are frequently used in my family! 
feel free to share ideas you have of frugal fun!! 


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