easter roundup | 2017 ed.

easter was quite the whirlwind this year!! i felt like we had a LOT going on & then miss capri decided to get strep throat (which was THE worst!!). after about 36 hours of antibiotics & no fever for > 24 hours, she was definitely feeling better (& not contagious) but she is also teething so the little beastie in her was still kind of there. however, i think the baby bunny & endless sweets made her forget about her woes, even if it was just for a minute .. 

on saturday we dyed our easter eggs! i decided to try an all natural route because i was reading up on our dyes here in the US & wasn't too thrilled .. i don't know why i didn't realize this before!
anyways i think it was a success & will be doing it from here on out! 
(if you're interested in natural dyed eggs, here is the link i used for the how-to)

sunday morning we woke up early to see what the easter bunny brought the kids! they were both excited about the treats & their new wiggle cars! 
we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast & then headed to church. gav sang during sacrament meeting with the entire primary, it was so sweet. i can't believe he's old enough to be part of the primary!!

after church we headed to alec's parents' house to have a bbq & easter egg hunt. there was also a baby bunny (that all of the kids were going HAM over) .. they were just a little bit obsessed, as you can see. then all of the kids decided it was an ideal time to play in the splash pad (hence all of the naked baby photos). they all were having the time of their lives! 
after we wrapped it up at the salmon's, we headed to my parents' house for our second dinner (we usually eat two big sunday dinners on holiday's haha) & another egg hunt. 

it was such a beautiful day filled with family & great reminders of our savior. being surrounded by my loved ones & just enjoying the simple things in life really puts things into perspective for me. how important eternal families are & that #becauseofhim i am able to be with them for forever & ever!! 

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with the things & people you love the most!! 


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